The Leftovers: Solace for Tired Feet Sneak Peek [WATCH VIDEOS]

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The Leftovers: Solace for Tired Feet Sneak Peek [WATCH VIDEOS]
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The Leftovers” Season 1 Episode 6 “Guest” aired on Sunday, Aug. 3, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on HBO. The series shed light on Nora as she coped with the disappearance of her family. Read on to learn more about Movie News Guide’s (MNG) Episode 6 “Guest” recap and a sneak peek of Episode 7 “Solace for Tired Feet.”

Previously on Episode 5 “Gladys” (air date: July 23, 2014), Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) investigated the death of a Guilty Remnant member named Gladys. Laurie (Amy Brenneman), on the other hand, remained traumatized by the event that Meg (Liv Tyler) and Patti (Ann Dowd) had to accompany her in the hospital.

In “Guest,” all eyes were on the life of Nora (Carrie Coon). She is the woman who lost her husband and children during the unfortunate Sudden Departure. She continues to mourn over the loss of her entire family after three years. Her only remaining relative is Reverend Matt (Christopher Eccleston), who was featured in “Two Boats and a Helicopter.”

The episode also shed light on Nora’s day-to-day activity post-Departure. She showed an unhealthy way of coping with their disappearance. She did not replace anything from her kids’ toys and puzzle, and she even bought their favorite cereal every week. She started to stalk the preschool teacher who had an affair with her husband. She also hired a call girl to do something weird to her — shoot her in the chest while she was wearing a bullet vest.

On the other hand, Nora went to the court for the processing of her divorce. She pointed out that she lost each member of her family. She was on her way out of the court when she met with Kevin again. Kevin shut down her invitation to go away from their problems and head back to Miami.

Nora also went to New York to attend a conference. It was for her work as an employee working under the Department of Sudden Departure (DSD). One of her superiors asked everyone she surveyed always answered affirmatively on Question No. 121. The query was asked if one person agrees that the departure was a good thing. She met with a guy who replicates the body of a Departed on the spot.

Back at a club, she learned the identity of the woman who stole her ID. She also met with the author of “What’s Next?” and had a heated argument with him. While they were talking, a man introduced himself to her. He told her that he could help her with her emotional pain. She just have to give a thousand dollars and follow him to his apartment. It was revealed that the man was actually Holy Wayne (Patterson Joseph).

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And that’s it for the “The Leftovers” recap of Season 1 Episode 6 “Guest.” Don’t forget to check out the sneak peek of Episode 7 “Solace for Tired Feet,” which will air on Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on HBO. Follow MNG as we keep you posted on updates about “The Leftovers,” including weekly recaps and spoilers.

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