The Legend of Korra Recap: Kuvira’s Gambit

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Legend of Korra Recap: Kuvira’s Gambit
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The Legend of Korra” Season 4 Episode 11 “Kuvira’s Gambit” aired last Friday, Dec. 12, 2014 on the Nickelodeon website and application. In this episode, Republic City was forced to speed up their fortifications and evacuation after learning that Kuvira (Zelda Williams) and her Earth Kingdom army were upon them. Before the battle even started, Avatar Korra (Janet Varney) and her team decided to take a drastic measure in the hopes that Kuvira would not attack the city. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the Earth Kingdom, Kuvira (Zelda Willams) announced to her army that they would be able to finally correct the injustice that had been brought against the Earth Kingdom by Fire Lord Zuko and Avatar Aang. It turned out that after the Hundred Year War, they took “stole Earth Kingdom land to form Republic City.” By taking Republic City, they would finally be able to truly unite the Earth Empire together. Afterwards, Batar Jr. (Todd Haberkorn) and Kuvira hugged each other and promised to get married to each other after they took the city.

In Republic City, President Raiko (Spencer Garrett), Tenzin (J.K. Simmons), Avatar Korra (Janet Varney), Prince Wu (Sunil Malhotra) and Mako (David Faustino) met in order to discuss the progress regarding the evacuation and other measures that they needed to prepare. It is because they wanted to stop Kuvira when she and her army comes in two weeks’ time. According to Prince Wu, they were only able to evacuate around “eighteen families." Most did not want to leave as they did not feel that they were in any danger yet. At that moment, Bolin (P.J. Byrne), Zhu Li (Stephanie Sheh), Lin Beifong (Mindy Sterling) and Su Beifong (Anne Heche) came in. Bolin then informed them that they had seen the “super spirit weapon” and informed them that Zhu Li was actually on their side. Zhu Li then informed them she had tried to sabotage the weapon to no avail, and that Kuvira’s army was coming in two weeks. They then decided to cut off the rail system. Lin believed that that’s how she was going to transport her weapon, and President Raiko made the evacuation mandatory.

At the Future Industries factory, Varrick (John Michael Higgins) encouraged his workers to assemble the mecha hummingbirds faster as they had less than two weeks to get everything ready. Bolin then came in and presented Zhu Li to him. Zhu Li then apologized for the “terrible things” that she said. She told him that she thought that joining Kuvira was the only option she had in order to save him. He accepted her apology and started to order her around as his assistant. Zhu Li then became mad and told him that if he wanted her around, that he should start treating her “like an equal”.

Meanwhile, Mako under the supervision of Prince Wu and Lin, made the radio broadcast. As Mako stuck to the book and to technical terms, the radio center started to get a dozen phone calls from confused and panicked citizens. Because of this, Prince Wu took control of the broadcast and encouraged everyone to evacuate in a “calm and orderly fashion.” Because he was so successful in his broadcast, Lin commented that he “might not make such a bad king after all.”

At Air Temple Island, after learning that Pema (Maria Bamford) and the kids wanted to stay and help fight against Kuvira, Tenzin instructed Pema to help Prince Wu in evacuating the city. He also instructed the kids to help the other airbenders in watching out for Kuvira. While everyone fulfilled their tasks, General Iroh (Dante Basco) and the United Fleet started to come to the city, and Lin and Tenzin evacuated President Raiko to Air Temple Island. Korra then informed Tenzin and Raiko that she, Asami (Seychelle Gabriel), Mako and Bolin had decided to go that night to try destroy the spirit weapon before it reached the city in order to level out the playing field. However, when they went out, they discovered that Kuvira’s army had already crossed into Republic City, and that the spirit weapon was attached to a “giant mecha suit.” They managed to barely escape unscathed as Kuvira had started shooting at them as soon as she saw them.

Back at Air Temple Island, Korra informed them what they had seen. President Raiko then ordered Lin to call General Iroh to tell him to that the attack was going to happen that day. Korra decided to join Iroh at the frontlines, while Asami, Bolin, Su, Wing, Wei, Tenzin and Mako went to the Future Industries factory in order to get some of the hummingbird suits up and running.

As soon as both the armies were in position, President Raiko radioed Kuvira, and told her to surrender. However, Kuvira demonstrated that they “were in no position” to give out orders. She even demonstrated her power by unleashing the super spirit weapon on the city’s harbor. As soon as Varrick saw this, he told them that that was exactly why he did not want to make the weapon. Because they were severely outnumbered, President Raiko decided to surrender. General Iroh and Korra did not take this well. Iroh then instructed Korra to get back to the city without being seen by Kuvira. Kuvira then informed Raiko that she would send Batar Jr. over to their location to negotiate the terms of their surrender.

At the factory, Korra realized that the only way to stop the super spirit weapon. It had been made after Zhu Li and Bolin had left, was to capture Batar Jr. and to force him to tell them how to dismantle the weapon. Korra then brought Bumi, Tenzin, Jinora and Kai in order to capture him as quietly as possible.

Back at the factory, Batar Jr. refused to give up any information, even if his mother, Su, appealed to him. Because of this, Korra told him that even if Kuvira won, she would make sure that he would never see Kuvira again, as she would bring him wherever they ran to, if he did not “convince Kuvira to back off” and to “leave Republic City alone.”

At Air Temple Island, both Raiko and Kuvira, who were communicating over the radio were puzzled by the fact that Batar Jr. was not there. While they were talking, Batar Jr. then came on the radio and informed Kuvira of Korra’s terms. After learning that Batar Jr. was not injured, and that everyone was there, she ordered the pilot of her mecha suit to find out Batar Jr.’s location. Afterwards, she agreed to Korra’s terms, which she did not honor, as she used her mecha suit to blow up the entire factory. President Raiko watched with horror as the factory exploded. Afterwards, Lin decided to go to the factory in order to check for any survivors.

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Catch the last two episodes of “The Legend of Korra” on Dec. 19, 2014 on the Nickelodeon website and application.

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