The Legend of Korra Recap: Remembrances

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Legend of Korra Recap: Remembrances
The Legend of Korra Logo. March 4, 2012. Wikimedia Commons/Nickelodeon (Viacom)

The Legend of Korra” Season 4 Episode 8 “Remembrances” aired last Friday, Nov. 21, 2014, on Friday on the Nickelodeon website and application. In this episode, Mako (David Faustino), Avatar Korra (Janet Varney) and Bolin (P.J. Byrne) took a trip down memory lane. They took a rest after all the excitement they had just been through. Mako related the story on how he first met Korra and told all about his relationship problems to Prince Wu, his grandmother, and cousin while he trained Wu at Asami’s gym. Korra, at Air Temple Island, confided in Aasami Sato (Seychelle Gabriel) that she felt that she was not successful in keeping the balance of the world. New enemies kept on appearing just as she was done with the other one. On their way to Republic City from the Earth Kingdom with some fire benders and water benders who were also escaping Kuvira’s wrath, Varrick (John Michael Higgins) came up with a new mover which starred Bolin. It was a combination of all the adventures that he and Team Avatar had gone on, with Bolin as the star. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened at Asami Sato’s (Seychelle Gabriel) house, where Mako (David Faustino) was trying to train Prince Wu (Sunil Malhotra) so that he would get toughened up a little. However, as he kept on getting easily defeated, Mako’s grandmother, who loved a royalty, and the prince, became upset at her grandson. As they talked, Prince Wu realized that he knew nothing about Mako and asked if he had any ladies in his life. However, Mako told him that he had not been with anyone since he and Avatar Korra (Janet Varney) had broken up. Because of this, he was forced to tell the story of his relationship with Korra to the prince, his grandmother, and his cousin.

He told them that he had met Korra when his brother, Bolin (PJ Byrne), introduced Korra to him as she had come to watch a pro-bending match. He and Bolin were already gaining fame as the pro bending team called the Fire Ferrets, but he had ignored her at first. However, she went on to become a great pro bender. She proved herself to be a loyal friend after she helped Mako look for Bolin, who had gotten kidnapped by Aman and the Equalists. Afterward, they felt that they had a connection with each other. However, things took a different turn after Asami Sato (Seychelle Gabriel) accidentally hit him with her moped.

They started seeing each other, which made things complicated with Korra. She had suddenly confessed to him. However, he flat out rejected her. Later on, he realized that he just might have feelings for her. Korra kissed him, even if he was seeing Asami. This caused problems with Asami, who noticed that Mako’s feelings towards Korra changed after she had been kidnapped by Tarrlok. Before the final fight with Aman, he gently broke up with Asami and told Korra how he felt about her. After Korra got her Avatar powers back after losing some of them to Aman, she reciprocated his feelings.

However, not everything had been smooth sailing afterward. They had several disagreements, which led to the arguments. They had broken up due to the fact that they both put their jobs first before their relationship. Upset, Korra had overturned his table. Korra then left to find the Fire Lord to get help but had gotten attacked by a dark spirit, which caused her to have amnesia.

While this happened, Mako and Asami staged a stakeout. The supply ships carrying her mecha tanks were being attacked. However, they had been too late as all her warehouses had been cleared out. When Mako supported Asami, she kissed him. However, when Korra came back, she thought that they were still together and claimed to have no knowledge about the fight that they had. Later on, she admitted that she did remember the fight, and they broke up for good. Because of this, Wu and Mako’s cousin realized that Mako’s number one fear was that he was afraid of disappointing others.

After Harmonic Convergence, he felt awkward at first with Korra and Asami. They went across the world to look for new airbenders. He told them that he had to have time to figure out who he was without a lady in his life but had fought side by side with Korra against Zaheer as friends. He then told them that until now, she continued to inspire him, as she had shown him to always put others before himself.

Afterwards, Mako continued to try to train Prince Wu again.

Meanwhile, on Air Temple Island, Asami tried to cheer Korra up. She felt that Toph was right in saying that the world did not need her and that it was pointless to stop Kuvira. The world always seems to be unbalanced, no matter what she does. She then told Asami that she had been so naive when she was younger as she had been so excited to be the Avatar. However, despite being so strong, she had been terrified of Aman, especially when her worst nightmare of having her bending taken away came true.

However, Asami reminded her that because of her defeat of the equalists, free elections had been held and gave benders and nonbenders hope and a voice.

However, Korra reminded her that even if that were true, it had been her fault that Unalaq had become the Dark Avatar. She had betrayed Tenzin by opening the Spirit Portals in order to make sure that Jinora would not be harmed by Unalaq. Because of this, it had been her fault that Raava had been destroyed, that her connection to her past lives had been destroyed, and that she had plunged the entire world into chaos.

Asami then reminded her that it had been pretty cool when Korra had turned into a giant spirit  in order to stop the Dark Avatar. She had given a positive shift to the world by opening the portals because now spirits and humans lived side by side once more. Because of that, new airbenders were born, which led to the rebirth of the Air Nation.

However, Korra also reminded her that Zaheer, the leader of the Red Lotus, who had tried to kill her, had gotten airbending because of her. And because of that, the Earth Queen was dead. If Zaheer did not kill the Earth Queen, then Kuvira (Zelda Williams) would have never risen into power, and they would not have their current problem.

Tenzin (J.K. Simmons) then came and agreed with Korra that the world is still out of balance due to new problems. However, he told her that because of everything, she had changed from a hot headed and selfish teenager to a thoughtful woman who always puts others before herself, to which the new Air Nation is a testament of. Thanks to this, Korra regained the reassurance that even if the world was always out of balance, that she would always be there to continuously try to bring balance to the world.

Meanwhile,  fire benders and water benders were escaping from Kuvira’s wrath on the boat.  Varrick (John Michael Higgins) came up with a new idea for another mover starring Bolin — the true story of Bolin, hero of the world. However, Bolin said that he could not be called a hero. He had left his family and friends to join a psychotic dictator who imprisoned him and was currently running back home. However, Varrick told him that everything depended on what story beats were emphasized.

He then began the story with himself. He claimed that he had been teaching one of his followers how to levitate. However, as his follower would not listen to him, he had him kicked out, only to be joined by the hero, Bolin, who sang out loud, with a beautiful damsel on his arm. However, Bolin interrupted him as he said that his entire story should start with the night that Korra had come into their lives. However, despite that that was what really happened, their audience thought that it was boring.

Varrick then continued telling his story. According to him, while the Avatar, Korra, was trapped in the Spirit World, the worst of the worst teamed up to defeat Bolin, hero of the world. Zaheer called up Vatu, who was still trapped in the Tree of Time, and Aman. While they were making plans, Unalaq, whom nobody really liked, suddenly joined in on their plans and told them that he knew that Bolin was where all the beautiful ladies were as he had a reputation for being a ladies man. After leaving an emotionally unstable water tribe princess at the altar (Eska), Bolin had met a beautiful Airbender who was the heir to an Earth Kingdom Fortune (Opal). At hearing this, Bolin started to cry as he was afraid that Opal would never talk to him again in real life because he had joined up with Kuvira, who had taken her entire family captive.

Varrick then went on to say that Bolin, who was then at his lowest point, went to Varrick, the man who had started it, for advice. He was then told to organize the fighting Airbender army in order to defeat the four main villains. However, as the airbenders were not trained at all, Bolin brought them to a secret mountaintop training camp, where they were trained by Bolin himself. Then as the final battle was drawing near, Opal forgave Bolin for all their misunderstandings, and they were able to get back together again. She then passed on to him her Airbender powers, which allowed Bolin to teach the airbenders how to make a giant tornado where he pushed Zaheer in, which turned him into the wind.

However, as the Harmonic Convergence was upon them, Juji, Bolin’s pet, shoots lasers at Unalaq, which opened the doorways of the spirit world and unfortunately released Vatu, allowing him and Unalaq to become Unavatu. However, Bolin was also hit by the lasers and turned into a giant spirit warrior, who, with the help of the Queen of the Fairies (Jinora) turned Unavatu into magic dust, which was where stars came from. He then turned into a dragon and saved the Avatar.

Everyone then clapped at the synopsis of the mover, which bothered Bolin, as that wasn’t what really happened and because there were so many loopholes.  

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