The Legend of Korra Recap: The Last Stand

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Legend of Korra Recap: The Last Stand
The Legend of Korra Logo. March 4, 2012. Wikimedia Commons/Nickelodeon (Viacom)

“The Legend of Korra” Season 4 Episode 13 “The Last Stand” aired last Friday, Dec. 19, 2014, on the Nickelodeon website and the application. In the series finale, Avatar Korra (Janet Varney), Mako (David Faustino), Bolin (P. J. Byrne), Su Beifong (Anne Heche) and Lin Beifong (Mindy Sterling), teamed up in order to stop Kuvira (Zelda Williams) from taking Republic City, and in doing so, help transform the city as they knew it. Read on to learn more about the series finale of “The Legend of Korra.”

The series finale opened where the previous episode left off. Kuvira’s giant mecha suit was frozen as Avatar Korra had frozen it in place so that she, Mako, Bolin, Su Beifong and Lin Beifong could enter the suit — thanks to a hole that Hiroshi Sato (Daniel Dae Kim) created using a plasma saw. Kuvira broke out of the ice and, as she knew that Korra and her team was inside, initiated a lockdown.

Inside, Korra instructed Mako and Bolin to go to the engine room to shut down the suit’s power and told Su and Lin to “climb up to the arm” in order to try to disable the spirit canon attached to it. Korra herself would head to the control center in order to defeat Kuvira, once and for all.

Inside, Bolin and Mako decided to split up as the two levers were in different locations. Along the way, they had to fight off two guards. Mako used his firebending skills to defeat one, while Bolin threw spinning discs of lava. Inside the arm, Lin dealt with the guard there, while Su singlehandedly caused all of the capsules containing the spirit vines to fall into a shaft. Then they used their metalbending skills in order to cause the gears to collapse. Because of this, Kuvira, who felt the bending within the arm ripped it off the suit as the canon was rendered useless. Then, at that moment, Korra burst through to the control room and challenged Kuvira, where she got thrown around into a control panel, but managed to get up later on.

At the engine room, Mako and Bolin managed to defeat the guards and pulled both levers at the same time in order to power down the giant mecha suit. However, much to their disappointment, it did not seem to work. Bolin then revealed to Mako that he did not know which exact button would power down the massive spirit vine ball in the middle of the room but told him that he did know that if you mess around too much, it explodes. Mako then told Bolin to get the defeated guards and to run out of their as soon as he could as he was going to zap the vines with electricity, as it was the only possible solution to overload the spirit vine ball in order to make it explode. Bolin then told his older brother that he did not approve of him doing this, and after telling him to get out as soon as he could, told him that he loved him. He then bent electricity and was able to zap the electricity surrounding the vines. He managed to hold his own, even if it took a toll on his arm. It then backfired suddenly and zapped him in the stomach, which knocked him unconscious. In the control room, Kuvira and Korra, who were still fighting, rocked back and forth as the suit started to lose power. Before the engine room could explode, Bolin managed to get his older brother out. After the suit had fallen, Korra brought Kuvira out and told her to call off her army. However, she just knocked Korra down and ran into the spirit wilds, even if she was sorely wounded.

Korra ran after her and told her to surrender, but Kuvira refused and aimed the spirit canon, which had landed in the spirit wilds at her. However, much to Kuvira’s astonishment, she couldn’t seem to control the canon or shut it down, resulting in her getting thrown off the canon. Korra then went into the avatar state in order to try to control the blast in a dome in the center ring of the city. As the spirit energy encompassed the city, Asami Sato (Seychelle Gabriel), Varrick (John Michael Higgins), Zhu Li (Stephanie Sheh), Tenzin (J. K. Simmons) and his family took cover. Afterwards, the spirit energy imploded on itself, causing a new spirit portal to be opened at the heart of Republic City.

As Kuvira’s troops searched for her, Korra woke up in an ethereal state and mirrored in front of her. She saw herself, which transformed into Kuvira. They then landed in the spirit world. After Kuvira asked why Korra had saved her, Korra simply told her that Kuvira had reminded her of herself because they were both driven and sometimes did things without thinking things through. Korra then reminded her that she had brought this upon herself and that she had to know that what she was doing was wrong. Kuvira then admitted to her that she had not wanted things to end up like that and just wanted to help her people as Su Beifong (Anne Heche) and Korra, who was recuperating, could not. Korra then told her that she understood her. She revealed that she knew that Su had taken her in as a young girl and knew that she had just wanted to create an environment in which she and her people would never be vulnerable again. She also told her that she knew what it meant to be afraid because after she was poisoned, she would have done anything to feel in control again.

Outside, Tenzin and the others gathered around the portal and were amazed to see that all the spirits were returning again to the city. Korra and Kuvira then came out of the portal, and Kuvira told her soldiers to stand down. She then surrendered and apologized to Su for all the anguish she caused her and her family.

After a while, Bolin officiated the wedding of Sir Iknik Blackstone Varrick of the Southern Water Tribe and Zhu Li. Their vows, which were handed to Bolin by Pabu, revealed that Zhu Li requested that Varrick never treat her as an assistant, and he asked her to do all the things that she usually did. After agreeing, Bolin told them to do the thing. Zhu Li then bent Varrick and kissed him. After their pictures were taken, he cried as he was happy, and together, they pressed a button that released fireworks into the sky.

During the party, Bolin and Opal danced together. Mako then told Prince Wu (Sunil Malhotra) that he had been impressed with the way that he had handled the evacuation. After Korra came over, the prince, now king, informed them that he planned on stepping down from the throne so that the Earth Kingdom’s states could remain independent and so that they could elect their own leaders. After he left for the dance floor, Korra thanked Mako for everything that he had done. He then told her that he would follow her into battle anytime, without hesitation and that he would always have her back.

Outside, at her vantage point on Air Temple Island, she looked at the new portal. She then told Tenzin that his father would have probably never expected a new portal to be in the city. He then revealed to her that she had transformed the city more in a few years than any other avatar ever did. However, Korra felt that like that it seemed like she had only just begun. She then revealed to Tenzin that she had realized that she had had to undergo all that suffering in order to truly understand what it was so that she could show more compassion to people like Kuvira. They were then interrupted by Asami who revealed to Tenzin that Varrick was trying to borrow an airbending glider suit in order to jump off the building. After he rushed away, Korra invited Asami to sit down beside her and apologized for not being there for her for almost three whole years and for the loss of her father. However, she told Korra that she was glad that Korra was still alive as she wouldn’t be able to cope with losing both of them at the same time and that she was glad that she had forgiven her father before he had died. They then decided to take a much-needed vacation together to the spirit world in order to relax from all the craziness that had happened over the past few months. They then held hands and entered the spirit world together.

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