The Librarians Finale Recap: And the Loom of Fate

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The Librarians Finale Recap: And the Loom of Fate
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The Librarians” Season 1 Episode 10 “And the Loom of Fate” aired on Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015, at 8:00 p.m. on TNT. It’s the final episode of the season, and the librarians and their guardian learn that everything they have done in the previous cases were actually in preparation for this big day. Find out what happened in the recap below.

As the librarians are fighting mummies in an ancient tomb somewhere, Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) appears and declares to everyone that the has found a way to bring back the main library.

Back in the Annex, Flynn thinks doing this is connected to the pyramids, and Cassandra (Lindy Booth) immediately zones out to her visions. Her nose bleeds as she states that the process is too big and mathematical. Jenkins (John Larroquette) says that doing this requires a lot of power, such as a pyramid, which means that, given their number and resources, it would be impossible.

Flynn wonders if they have any reality altering guide that could link them to a dimensional shifting device. Jake (Christian Kane) says that, fortunately, they do.

They have the reality altering storybook, which they got while saving a Fairy Tale town (in the episode “And the Fables of Doom” air date: Jan. 4, 2015). They have a magical software, which they got from when they met Morgan Fey (in the episode “And the Rule of Three” air date: Jan. 11, 2015). They have a dimensional stabilizer from Tesla (in the episode “And the City of Light” air date: Jan. 18, 2015) and finally, they have the ball of twine from the labyrinth of the Minotaur (in the episode “And the Horns of Dilemma” air date: Dec. 14, 2014).

So, they get to work, starting with the storybook. Eve (Rebecca Romjin) narrates their story and the door to the new dimension opens. But just then, Dulaque (Matt Frewer) appears. He wants the main library too. He adds the last ingredient, a blood sacrifice, and stabs Lamia (Lesley Ann Brandt), his main henchwoman, with his sword. He goes through the door first, as Flynn and Eve chase after him.

They find Dulaque ripping off the Loom of Faith, causing a force to wash over them. This alters Flynn’s clothes and consciousness. He forgets that he knows Eve, and he professes to just being a teacher who does not believe in magic.

Soon, they get arrested by a like militia. One of them declares that the area is closed as there is a border dispute. So, what are Flynn and Eve doing there? Just then, a man appears to help them from the armed men. It’s Jake! Upon seeing Eve, he kisses her passionately and says he has missed her so much.

Jake tells Eve that he watched her die in his arms while stopping Dulaque from taking the library. He also says that he’s been the librarian for 10 years. Eve cannot believe what is happening. They’re in an alternate reality, which has been reset from when they first got together (in the episode “And the Crown of King Arthur” air date: Dec. 7, 2014). In this timeline, she and Jake are in love.

Flynn, meanwhile, is still clueless.

To get out of this fix, they figure out that they are actually in a teleportation stone, as it was in “And the Sword and the Stone” (air date: Dec. 7, 2014). Jake confirms that they must have come from a different timeline, and as he works out a way to send them back, he tells them that he cannot come with them. He has to stay to stabilize the power lines. Flynn and Eve disappear and teleport next to a science lab where Ezekiel (John Kim) greets them. He’s the librarian in this dimension.

Explaining the situation, Ezekiel assumes that Flynn and Eve are moving sideways through time, in a parallel universe. Flynn is freaking out.

In this world, Ezekiel tells Eve that she’s been also dead for years, stabbed by Dulaque when she tried to stop him from stealing the library. He also tells Eve that he misses her because she was like a mother to him. In this world too, they have a zombie problem, as he and his team were not able to properly fix the dilemma in the haunted house, just like in the episode “And the Heart of Darkness” (air date: Jan. 11, 2015).

They assume that this distortion of reality is because Dulaque ripped the Loom of Faith. But first, they have to deal with the zombies. Flynn has some suggestions. They could use energy spikes, and he works together with Ezekiel.

After successfully wiping out the zombie spell, it’s time for Flynn and Eve to hop timelines again, and they disappear next to an abandoned building, where a dragon is hovering above them, just like in the episode “And the Apple of Discord” (air date: Dec. 28, 2014). They encounter Lamia who’s working for Cassandra, the librarian/sorceress.

In this timeline, Cassandra also tells Eve she’s dead, following the same incident as the last two timelines. But Dulaque is also dead; he was killed by Lamia. In this timeline too, Cassandra is very powerful. She used science and magic to save herself and remove the tumor in her brain.

Flynn and Eve see that there’s a drawing of the Loom of Faith, and they tell Cassandra that in the original timeline, Dulaque ripped this. Cassandra tells them that the reason they are skipping from timeline to timeline is because Dulaque failed to weave it back. She says history will continue to unravel until all of time is undone. This is the reason why all of them are losing and failing their missions too. So, she decides that she will be moving to another timeline.

Flynn asks her why she would quit. Jake and Ezekiel didn’t, and if he can only become a librarian, he will choose to save the world by fixing the loom. And that’s where Eve remembers that they have a thread. They return to the Annex but finds the thread missing. Flynn, now processing everything, says it’s not in this timeline.

But Cassandra declares that Eve cannot easily go back to the original timeline, unless with a stronger force. She summons Jake and Ezekiel from their own timelines, and with little time to explain, asks them to concentrate as they hold hands. She chants and they’re back to the original annex. Success!

Before Eve and Flynn head out to fix the loom, Flynn realizes that once this is fixed, the librarians will cease to exist in their own timelines. But the three only feel gratitude for being given a chance to save the world.

So then, Flynn and Eve return to where the broken loom is and start weaving. But then, Lancelot appears and guess what? He’s actually Dulaque in a younger life. He stabs Eve while she’s protecting Flynn, and she drops to the ground.

But then, Jenkin also appears and guess what? He’s actually Galahad! He fights Lancelot as Flynn strings the loom, and it weaves itself back in perfect order.

A force takes over them, and they are back to the original timeline. Yet, Eve is still weak. Apparently, death is her fate. Flynn, however, refuses to accept this, so they return to the Annex to finish the storybook, where he annotates that the real Library is back.

Flynn is ecstatic! They have everything in order! He rushes to find the vial of the Oil of Bathsheba to save Eve. She heals from her wounds, and they all marvel as they see that the library is back.

Now that it’s done, Flynn declares that the librarian trainees are now graduates, ready to save the world from mystic and magic on their own. As a parting gift, they are each given a mini-clippings book for their solo quests. But they can come back to help out Flynn anytime or help out each other.

Ezekiel thinks that he will take some time off after having had quite an experience. Jake says that he will visit his family, while Cassandra says she will check the clippings book for her first assignment. She’s bound for Lima, Peru. As she’s about to leave, the guys follow her, though and they agree to do this quest together.

Meanwhile, Eve thanks Jenkins, but she doesn’t remember he’s Galahad. They reflect on their whole journey together, and how everything they did prepared them for this biggest challenge. Eve suspects that the mission involving Santa (in the episode “And Santa’s Midnight Run” air date: Dec. 21, 2014) was given especially for her, so she can handle jumping from different timelines, as she did back then. She thanks Jenkins once again.

And finally, the episode closes with Flynn asking Eve out on a date and off they go to investigate a mystery together.

There you have it with the finale of “The Librarians” Season 1 Episode 10 “And the Loom of Fate,” which aired on Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015, at 8:00 p.m. on TNT. The first season is over, but we suspect it will be back for more.

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