The Librarians Premieres in the Same Day Worldwide [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Librarians Premieres in the Same Day Worldwide [WATCH VIDEO]
Rebecca Romijn in Marchesa at the 2012 Heart Truth’s Red Dress Fashion Show

“The Librarians,” which stars Rebecca Romijn (“X-Men”), is set to air in December 2014 under its Universal Networks International (UNI) channels. Over 100 countries all over the world will get to watch it within 24 hours. Read on to learn more about “The Librarians.”

According to Variety, the show, which will run on TNT cable network in the U.S.A., will also start in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia within hours of the American premiere.

“We are pleased to be a part of this brand new series that will be timed to air within 24 hours of the U.S. debut, giving international viewers immediate access to the all the action,” said Steve Patscheck, the UNI exec VP of programming, in a press statement.

The TV series is based on the TV movie franchise “The Librarian,” which spanned 10 episodes and starred Noah Wyle (“ER”). The actor will come back to this new version, playing the same role as Flynn Carsen. Wyle will also co-executive produce “The Librarians” with Dean Devlin, who brought hits like “Independence Day” on film and “Leverage” on television.

Playing support to Romijn for this new inception are Bob Newhart (“The Big Bang Theory”) and Jane Curtin (“3rd Rock from the Sun”), who both were also part of the original TV movie franchise. The cast will also have John Kim (“The Pacific”), John Larroquette (“Night Court”), Lindy Booth (“Dawn of the Dead”), Christian Kane (“Leverage”) and Matt Frewer (“Falling Skies”). A lot of these actors have been featured in TNT’s shows.

The show is centered on a secret group of quirky and adventurous individuals whose headquarters is under the Gotham’s Metropolitan Public Library. They are committed to protecting a secret world that is filled with magic and mystery.

“The Librarians” has been commissioned to air 10 episodes beginning December 2014, and its producers have said that with UNI channels’ help, they are thrilled that the show will find a global reach.

And that’s it for the latest scoop on “The Librarians.”  Do check out the trailer of the series below. For more updates about “The Librarians,” stay tuned here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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