The Librarians Recap: And the Crown of King Arthur

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Librarians Recap: And the Crown of King Arthur
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The Librarians” Season 1 Episode 1 “And the Crown of King Arthur” premiered on Sunday, Dec. 7, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on TNT. Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) has to figure out why the library has sent an invite for his "guardian." Both of them will have to find out why previous potential librarians were being murdered. Read the recap of this episode below.

Flynn Carsen accidentally popped into a NATO operation, deep in the caves in Berlin. It is where Colonel Eve Baird (Rebecca Romjin) was apprehending terrorists. He was only there to retrieve the Opal of Simara. It was stolen by the Nazis and proceeded to unlock the safe with expertise, precision and a bit of magic. He seemingly wasn’t minding that Eve was going against men with guns. They witnessed what Flynn was doing and were perplexed by it.

This was a weird but curious encounter. However, things were tense, as there was a ticking time bomb nearby, too. Thankfully, Flynn was able to help Eve diffuse the bomb and she took control of the situation. Flynn was also able to retrieve what he came for. He did it before Eve could ask him more questions about what he meant when he told her he was the librarian, Flynn was gone.

If you haven’t seen the previous TV movies about “The Librarians,” then you should have some idea by now about what the show is like based on this introduction. Fun, isn’t it?

Back home, a man got in touch with Flynn who knew the secret he kept. But before he could even talk to him face to face, he was murdered on the steps of the library. Flynn, however, was able to retrieve one of the papers the murdered man was holding on to. What was this about?

Eve, meanwhile, was back at her house. She received a mysterious invitation asking her to come to The Library for a job interview. When she got there, Charlene (Jane Curtin) was more than excited to explain to her how special this invitation was. The Library has picked her to be a Guardian to the Librarian. She brought her down to the “real” library, which was actually located in a separate dimension.  Eve was astounded by what she saw. There were artifacts there that were regarded as the world’s treasures. And then she saw Flynn Carsen, who was sparring with Excalibur. This place was unbelievable!

Flynn said he didn’t need a guardian, but it was the Library itself who asked her to come…and for what reason? They sought Judson (Bob Newhart), the very First Librarian. Judson has since died, but his spirit remained, contained in the mirror Flynn had in his office. Judson could not provide the answer. When Eve saw that Flynn was trying to figure out why a man as murdered in the upstairs library, she helped him with his investigation.

Turned out, the man who died was Dr. Jonas Shier. He was one of the other potential librarians who went to be interviewed before Flynn got the job 10 years ago. Eve and Flynn discovered that many of these potential librarians had recently died too. Someone was killing them. It was probably why the Library thought Flynn needed a guardian. Meanwhile, there were people in this list that never went to their interview, but their lives may still be in danger. So Eve and Flynn decided they should go and see them.

They first went to New York to talk and bring in Cassandra (Lindy Booth), who had heightened use of her auditory and sensory facilities. She was a science marvel, which bewildered Eve yet again. (She’s still trying to make sense of everything!) But because of this “power,” Cassandra was also sick and dying. She doesn’t know how long she has left.

Next, Flynn had to fly to Geneva alone to talk and bring in Ezekiel (John Kim), the Australian master thief. He had to convince him to come. Ezekiel was the type who worked by himself. He had to tell Ezekiel that they needed to figure out why someone wanted him dead.

Meanwhile, Eve was at a bar in Oklahoma to talk and bring in Jacob (Christian Kane). He worked as the oil rigger, but he’s actually an art historian who's an expert in several languages. But Jacob was in a fight with ninjas, a fact that Flynn warned her about before they separated. A woman named Lamia (Lesley Ann Brandt) was directing these ninjas to kill Jacob. They were already on to him.

Fortunately, they both escaped, and everyone was back inside The Library, where the three new guests, just like Eve in the beginning, couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Flynn briefly explained the situation to his guests and what he’s been trying to do for the last 10 years as a protector of artifacts. Flynn’s job was to make sure these precious items never fall into the wrong hands.

They learned that the ones trying to attack the other librarians come from the Serpent Brotherhood, which Flynn had encountered before. When Jacob saw the paper Flynn got from the man who was murdered, he immediately knew that it was the painting depicting the crown of King Arthur. Legend has it that this crown was forged by Merlin. It was also said that it possessed magical powers that helped King Arthur build Camelot. This was what the Serpent Brotherhood wanted? Fine, they would have to retrieve it before the bad guys got to it!

So they went to Munich where the painting was, hoping it would lead them to the location of the crown. Jacob noted that the painting was fake. Ezekiel observed that the painting was bolted; thus, it cannot be stolen, and it served like a marker. Cassandra saw that the frame on the painting was actually a binary code to a location. And with that, they were lead to sundial just outside the museum. It pointed to the Black Forest.  

At the forest, Flynn saw a henge with a hidden cache. Cassandra and Jacob helped him recreate where the sun would be pointing in order to show where the crown was hidden. Eve and Ezekiel tried to distract and stop Lamia and her goons from getting to the others. Finally, Flynn was holding King Arthur’s crown, just as Lamai’s helicopter exploded, thanks to Ezekiel’s re-wiring.

They were all back at the Library with the crown safely kept in its place, when suddenly, there was a breach. They had to make their move and save as much as they can as someone seemed to have lead Lamia to them. Before anyone could figure out who the betrayer was, Flynn was face to face with Lamia with Cassandra. The girl with the "powers" was apparently working with them because they promised they could cure her.

With the Library vandalized by Lamia and her men, Charlene and Judson bonded together to seal it from the world. But this meant that Flynn and the rest would have to lose track of the Library, including Charlene and Judson, but it was the only way to save it.

Meanwhile, Flynn and Lamia were engaged in a swordfight. As she was wearing the crown, she took control of Excalibur. With one big move, she wounded Flynn with it. How can Flynn survive a magical wound now with the Library gone?

And that’s what happened in “The Librarians” Season 1 Episode 1 “And the Crown of King Arthur,” which aired on Sunday, Dec. 7, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on TNT. For more about this show, check Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly.

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