The Librarians Recap: And the Heart of Darkness

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Librarians Recap: And the Heart of Darkness
Christian Kane in 2011.

The Librarians” Season 1 Episode 8 “And the Heart of Darkness” aired on Sunday, Jan. 11, 2015, at 8:00 p.m. on TNT. For this installment, the show brought on the creepy factor as the librarians come face to face with ghosts, ghouls and a haunted house. Find out what happened in the recap below.

The librarians are in a forest in Slovakia. They’re there to fix the ley lines. Jenkins (John Larroquette) tells them that if this is left broken, a magical catastrophe may explode in the land. Cassandra (Lindy Booth) is studying the map for the verticles and whatnots, when she sees that the broken leylines is nearby. It’s in a 19th century house, which, unfortunately, is where they discovered a young lady named Katie.

She’s been hurt and traumatized, and her companions are still inside the house, which seems to be haunted. Because Cassandra has had an incident with her nose bleeding as she was studying the map earlier, Eve (Rebecca Romijn) relegates her to a less risky job of making sure that Katie is safe. Cassandra protests, saying that they will need four people to anchor the scrolls for the ley lines, but Eve insists. She’s the guardian, and she’s taking control of the situation.

Inside the house, weird and creepy things happen. Eve thinks she has seen Katie’s companion, but she isn’t sure. The house has this mysterious power that makes them hallucinate. Plus, there’s this figure that suspiciously looks a lot like Death. So, Eve calls Jenkins for more information about this mysterious place, and he says that they probably are in The Shatter Box, a house that victimizes people then moves to a different location after feeding on them. So, how are they going to stop his? The librarians, apparently, have to destroy its heart and do it before the turn of midnight.

But then Ezekiel disappears. They cannot find him inside the house anymore. Has he been “eaten”? And then Katie’s name appears on the walls of the house, burning. The house wants her. So Eve instructs Cassandra to bring Katie to the car and leave at once. Cassandra, once again, insists she stays with the team. She’s not just Math Girl. She can do something! But Eve’s command goes.

In the car, Katie wonders why Cassandra had no choice but to follow Eve’s orders. She explains to her that her team already thinks she’s untrustworthy and unreliable, she didn’t want to complicate it. And then, there’s that tumor, which makes everyone thinks she’s fragile. Katie tells her that she actually holds a very important job of keeping her safe, which means that Eve is counting on her a lot, so that should account for something. Meanwhile, Ezekiel has disappeared, and Jake only wants to burn the house down.

But as Cassandra and Katie are about to drive away, the ghoulish figure of Death crashes the windshield of the car. Without any choice, the two return to the house, and at this point, Eve loses one more person. Jake (Christian Kane) seems to have disappeared too. Where were they?

Turns out, he and Ezekiel are trapped inside a doll house in one of the rooms of the ancient house. This whole time, Ezekiel, as he’s trapped, has been playing Xbox and drinking beer. He’s discovered that the doll house gives him anything he wishes. Jake, meanwhile, sees that there are pictures on the wall, some of them even dating back to 960 AD, and he studies them to see if there’s a way they can get out of this fix.

Meanwhile, realizing she lost another one of the librarians, Eve demands from the house what it really wants and again, Katie’s name appears on the wall, bleeding. The figure of Death also attempts another attack, so Cassandra and Katie try to run for safety, leaving Eve to fight Death.

Outside, Cassandra stops on her tracks. She knows something bad has happened to Eve. She tells Katie since she’s the one the house wants so she can run away, and it will all be over. But Cassandra has to get back to her friends. Suddenly, Katie’s true colors show. It’s not only the house that’s possessed, Katie has been haunting them all along too.

Eventually, Cassandra figures it all out. The house is not evil. Back then, it’s a safehouse for people in need, so that as a “haunted” entity, it actually grants wishes. However, Katie and her family, who apparently are serial killers, arrived in this safehouse many centuries ago and have since been victimizing people.

Cassandra realizes that the dark heart of the house is Katie, and so she kills her and then asks from the house to help her and her friends. This has to stop, and her friends have to return. When she awakens, she finds a thank-you card next to the doll house.

Meanwhile, Jake, Ezekiel and Eve are in another part of the room when Death appears before them. They’re ready to attack, but Cassandra appears from behind and actually introduces Death to her friends. She explains everything, and it’s done and it’s over.

Next, they get ready to leave. Eve, who’s hurt, is assisted by Jake to the car, while Ezekiel takes his place in the driver’s seat. But Cassandra tells him to move over to the passenger’s side. She was taking charge on this trip. She bids the ghost of the safehouse (previously Death) goodbye. As they drive off, the dollhouse mysteriously appears on the trunk. It wants to take refuge in the Annex.

That’s it for “The Librarians” Season 1 Episode 8 “And the Heart of Darkness,” which aired on Sunday, Jan. 11, 2015, at 8:00 p.m. on TNT. What can you say about this episode? It’s a little bit darker than the previous ones, right?

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