The Librarians Recap: And the Rule of Three

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Librarians Recap: And the Rule of Three
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The Librarians” Season 1 Episode 7 “And the Rule of Three” aired on Sunday, Jan. 11, 2015, at 8:00 p.m. on TNT. The librarians attend a high school science fair, where they meet someone from the ancient past who happens to have some connection with Jenkins. Find out what happened in this episode in the recap below.

It’s supposed to be everyone’s day off, but the librarians are all at the Annex pursuing personal stuff. Whatever plans Eve (Rebecca Romijn), Jake (Christian Kane), Ezekiel (John Kim) and Cassandra (Lindy Booth) have, however, have to be canceled. The book of clippings has an emergency, and Jenkins (John Larroquette) tells them it’s quite “apocalyptic.” What bad thing could be happening at the Chicago STEM Fair? The librarians use the magic door to transport and find out.

The STEM Fair is actually the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Fair. Cassandra is super psyched to be in the presence of people like herself, who’s in love with Science and Math, but the rest of the librarians and Eve hardly understand what is going on with the demonstrations and the experiments. They present themselves to Lucinda McCabe (guest star Alicia Witt), one of the organizers, and she mistakes them for the judges from the county library.

So, the group goes from booth to booth in the guise of judging the competition, but they’re really investigating why the book of clippings led them there. In one of the booths, they meet Amy, the frontrunner in the contest and her “Wolverine” mom. In another booth, they meet a regular kid with a pretty basic baking soda volcano science project, which inexplicably explodes with actual fire and magma. Why is this kid here when all the rest of the competitors are hardcore science enthusiasts? Turns out, the top tier of the science geeks withdrew from the contest due to different mysterious reasons.

The librarians come to the conclusion that a magical force is affecting the science fair. Jenkins tells them to look for a coven, as they make use of the magical power of three. Cassandra has her suspects, but the three grungey-looking high school kids have been confirmed as not the ones responsible for it. They are only there because one of them, Dashiell, likes Amy, and he would like to date her. But he can’t easily win her because of Amy’s mother, her dreams for her and the fact that they’re as different as night and day. Jake encourages Dashiell, however, and helps him understands that high school cliques should not limit him if he really wants to pursue her.

As they talk, Dashiell tells Jake about what’s been going on. Science fair has its own drama, you guys, and apparently every overachiever is in it for Amy. They hate her for always winning. Could she or someone close to her have something to do with the magic? They return to Amy’s booth to find out more, and Ezekiel uses this device that pinpoints Amy’s cell phone as the likely source of the energy. It turns out, someone has made an app for witchcraft, and they need to know how Amy got hold of it.

So, Cassandra steps in to talk to Amy, who easily warms up to her upon learning that she and Cassandra are alike in many ways. It’s her mother who downloaded the app. Many of the parents did, and so a lot of those in the fair are using it. Amy tried it once, but she didn’t use it anymore. She didn’t think it is right.

The librarians devise a plan to thwart the power of the magic, which they estimate will be unleashing and converging real soon. But first things first, who released the app? Turns out, it’s from Ms. McCabe herself. She stumbles into the Annex by mistake, and when Jenkins realizes who she really is, he calls on Eve for help.

Ms. McCabe is actually the legendary Morgan Le Fay, King Arthur’s sister, who’s well-known for practicing sorcery. Yes, after centuries, she’s still alive! McCabe recognizes Jenkins too and calls him by a different name, confusing Eve. In the meantime, however, she’s there to stop her by shooting McCabe/Morgan. But Eve falls against her power. Morgan goes back to the science fair to wait for the magic to destroy everything.

But the librarians are already prepared for it. In order to control the magic, they devised some sort of pentagram cage, which Cassandra discovered in Amy’s booth. This cage will help keep everyone safe inside it, while the magic spell charges its power. So, as the moment approaches, the librarians took their place and guess what? Their plan works!

However, as this is happening, Eve is momentarily transfixed in between the “tic and the tock” of time with Morgan. She tells Eve that she did this so she can finally hide in another reality, living on for as long as she can. Before she disappears though, she tells Eve to relay this message to Jenkins: “Noli timere scelerate timeo heros.”

When Eve “awakens,” things are back to normal, and everyone at the science fair is safe. However, Amy has been disqualified from the contest, which she accepts and welcomes with Dashiell standing next to her. She’s over the pressure, and she wants a normal life.

Back at the Annex, Jenkins is mad at Eve for letting Morgan go, when she could have killed her during that brief moment. But Eve counters that she’s not a killer; she’s the Guardian. Eve also relays Morgan’s message to Jenkins, which actually means “Do not fear the villain, fear the hero.” He says it’s a warning and the librarians will have to prepare for the ultimate end.

That’s the recap for “The Librarians” Season 1 Episode 7 “And the Rule of Three,” which aired on Sunday, Jan. 11, 2015, at 8:00 p.m. on TNT. What do you think of this episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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