The Lion King Remake: Disney Wants Beyonce To Join Donald Glover, James Earl Jones

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
The Lion King Remake: Disney Wants Beyonce To Join Donald Glover, James Earl Jones
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Disney is in the mood for remakes and the latest on the studio’s list is 1994 animated movie The Lion King. Now, reports claim that the upcoming movie from Jon Favreau is courting pop star Beyonce to voice the character of Nala.

The Lion King Remake Cast and Crew

According to Variety, Beyonce is Disney’s top choice to voice Nala, Simba’s best friend and future wife. The studio wants to cast her so bad that they are willing to make necessary accommodations just to make her sign up to the project. However, as  of this writing, the 35-year-old still has not made a decision because of her pregnancy.

If the Single Ladies singer-songwriter signs up, she will no be the first big celebrity on the set. The Favreau movie already includes Donald Glover voicing the adult Simba. Moreover, James Earl Jones, who also starred in the original animated movie, returns to voice Mufasa.

As a pop diva, Beyonce has collected several awards for her contribution in the music industry. However, over the years, the renowned musician has also dabbled into acting. His resume includes roles in Dreamgirls, The Pink Panther, Austin Powers in Goldmember and Obsessed. As a voice actress, she joined Amanda Seyfried, Josh Hutcherson, Aziz Ansari and Colin Farrell in the 2013 animated movie Epic.

Meanwhile, Glover is best known for his award-winning role in the television series Atlanta. He is also set to play the role of the young Lando Calrissian in the still-untitled Han Solo Star Wars Anthology Movie.

Jones who fans probably recognize as the voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars has already been confirmed as the voice of Mufasa. The 86-year-old also voiced the same character in the 1994 original, the 1998 sequel titled The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride and the 2015 TV movie The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar.

Favreau will direct the movie while Jeff Nathanson will write the script. This is not Favreau’s first movie with Disney. The filmmaker also directed the 2016 hit The Jungle Book. A sequel is currently in development at Disney.

Can Disney Recreate The Lion King’s Success?

The original The Lion King was directed by Roger Aller and Rob Minkoff. It starred Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Bee Movie) as the adult Simba and Moira Kelly (One Tree Hill, Chaplin) as the adult Nala. Jim Cummings, Jeremy Irons, Ernie Sabella, Nathan Lame and Rowan Atkinson also lent their voices.

When it came out over two decades ago, it was received with positive responses from movie critics and the audience alike. It finished its theatrical run as the highest grossing movie in 1994 by collecting $968.5 million from the global box office.

The animated movie also garnered several awards including two Oscars and for Best Original Song (Can You Feel The Love Tonight) and Best Original Score (awarded to Hans Zimmer). It also won the Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical category.

Favreau’s team definitely has some big shoes to fill, but they seem on the right track. Aside from a star-studded cast list, Favreau is also receiving acclaim for the brilliant live-action/CGI-adaptation of The Jungle Book. The 2016 movie which starred Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Lupita Nyong’o and Scarlett Johansson ended its theatrical run with $966 million gross from the box office. It also won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effect.

Moreover, all of Disney’s remade titles such as Cinderella and last month’s Beauty and the Beast also prove to be successes in terms of their box office performances. Bill Condon’s take on the classic fairy tale has already surpassed the $500 million mark after just spending less than a month in theaters.

A release date window for The Lion King remake has not been announced.

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Photo Source: Facebook/The Lion King

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