“The Man in the High Castle” Update: The Official Teaser Trailer and an Interview with Ridley Scott

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
“The Man in the High Castle” Update: The Official Teaser Trailer and an Interview with Ridley Scott
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Earlier this year, Amazon, as part of the company’s process into figuring out which shows and projects they would be greenlighting for the year and for next year, released the pilot episodes of several potential projects. Afterwards, audiences and viewers were encouraged to vote on which pilot they liked best, and those that got enough good reviews and votes were then greenlighted to proceed with the production of more episodes. One such pilot that had been released was that of Ridley Scott’s adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel, “The Man in the High Castle.” Spoiler TV has recently released the official teaser trailer of the new Amazon series, and Entertainment Weekly managed to sit down with the director, and managed to ask him about this ongoing project, and the influences that had gone into producing this project. Read on to learn more about this story.

“The Man in the High Castle,” according to the recap of the pilot which had been released earlier this year on Movie News Guide (MNG), is an adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel of the same name. It poses the question of what would have happened if Germany and Japan had won against the United States of America and the Allied forces in World War II.

Set in alternate 1962, in the United States, it shows that Japan had taken control over the Western half of the United States. It was while Germany had taken over the eastern half of the country.

The story centers around two characters who end up meeting up with each other during the course of their journeys across the United States. Joe Blake, portrayed by Luke Kleintank, is a mysterious young man from the East Coast who gets involved with the Resistance against the Nazis. He is tasked to deliver a package to a city within the Neutral Zone. Meanwhile, Juliana Crain, portrayed by Alexa Davalos, ends up meeting up with Joe in the Neutral Zone after her sister, who had joined the a resistance movement, gave her a bag before dyin. She discovered a tape that portrayed an alternate version of events,  in which the Allied Forces had won against Japan and Germany.

The official teaser trailer, which had been posted on Spoiler TV, shows the opening sequence of the pilot episode. In the black and white opening, a woman sang the song “Eidelweiss” in the background, while a map of the divided United States was shown, and clips of fighter planes, and soldiers in parachutes came down in front of Mount Rushmore. The teaser then showed Juliana discovering the tape and Joe insisting that he wants to do what he was supposed to do, seriously. This teaser trailer had been shown as Entertainment Weekly will be having a special screening event of “The Man in the High Castle” as part of San Diego Comic-Con on July 10, 2015.

Entertainment Weekly also managed to sit down and talk with executive producer Ridley Scott. He had previously adapted Dick’s novel, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” into the cult classic film “Blade Runner.”

According to the Scott, the show’s genre could be classified as alternate history and science fiction, and revealed that the series will have ten episodes. According to him, this will give them more room and leeway in order to make sure that all of the stories within the novel will be given justice, and be told correctly, with the right pace.

Scott also mentioned that the author had been amazed at the opening sequence that had been shown to him. He told Entertainment Weekly that they had a “house book” in which images and stills of movies and inspirational pieces, like the paintings of Edward Hopper, were placed. It was done so that the show’s creative team would be able to get a feel for the 1960s that Scott wanted portrayed.

He also mentioned that he did manage to go back to his past a little bit for this project as he called himself a “war baby.” He remembered seeing German war prisoners working for farms up in North England.

And that was all for the update, teasers and more, regarding “The Man in the High Castle.” For more news, updates and spoilers regarding “The Man in the High Castle” and other television shows, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Catch “The Man in the High Castle” when it airs on Amazon this coming fall.

Photo Source:  Wikimedia Commons/Balajimuthazhagan

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