The Man with Iron Fists Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

The Man with Iron Fists Movie ReviewThe Man with Iron Fists is a martial arts movie that features an endless arsenal of exotic knives, thirst for blood, and Zen philosophies. It is written, directed and starred by RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan fame.

The Man with Iron Fists has its flaws but they are funny instead of being infuriating. It pays homage to the classic kung fu movies. Director Quentin Tarantino recommends it but the movie doesn’t get close to Kill Bill.

RZA’s technique is raw but he has the instincts to make epic movies. He needs to improve his filmmaking skills if he wants to continue making more movies. The Man with Iron Fists has a combination of ancient China and French Baroque. The fight sequences are grand but it is apparent how the director doesn’t know how to handle his actors. The performances are all over the place. The Man with Iron Fists is filled with exposed guts and spilled blood but the blood is so thin that it looks more like juice than real blood.

The Man with Iron Fists is co-written by Eli Roth, who is also a Tarantino disciple. It is about warring clans in feudal China. All the action takes place in Jungle Village, which is known for the Pink Blossom, a house of pleasure run by Madam Blossom (Lucy Liu). The Blacksmith (RZA) spends his day making weapons for various clans. During the night, he frequents the Pink Blossom in the company of Lady Silk (Jamie Chung).

The Blacksmith will somehow have iron fists as the movie progresses. He is the central figure of the movie as well as the narrator. RZA has a smooth baritone that is perfect for bedtime stories and it would somehow make you fall asleep, if not for the exciting fight scenes.

If you like kung fu movies then you’re the target market for Man with Iron Fists. It can be your guilty pleasure. RZA needs a lot of improvement if he wants to make better movies in the future.

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