‘The Maze Runner’ Prequel ‘The Kill Order’ to be Turned into A Movie Following ‘The Death Cure?’

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
‘The Maze Runner’ Prequel ‘The Kill Order’ to be Turned into A Movie Following ‘The Death Cure?’
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/The Maze Runner | ‘Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’ trailer shows steamy kiss between Dylan O’Brien and Kaya Scodelario. Thomas caught in a love triangle with Teresa and Sonya (Katherine McNamara)?

The Maze Runner” movie franchise is gearing up for its second installment in the series, as “The Scorch Trials” hits theatres months from now. While there is still one last installment, “The Death Cure,” before the franchise comes to an end, fans are already asking for the movie adaptation of James Dashner’s prequel, “The Kill Order.” Read on to learn more about this scoop.

According to a blog post on Fashion & Style, “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” will be soon released in theatres in September. Earlier reports indicated that the final installment to the franchise, “The Death Cure,” will not be split into half . It was unlike other novel-based movies like “The Hunger Games,” “Harry Potter,” “Divergent” and “The Twilight Saga.”

While “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” is still over a year from its release in theatres, the outlet also reported that fans are already planning ahead and asking for the continuation of the franchise using James Dashner’s prequel, “The Kill Order.”

According to the outlet, fans of Dashner’s book series initiated the hashtag, “#GladerswantaTKOmovie” on Twitter as they expressed their desire to see “The Maze Runner” prequel.

Dashner heard the fans’ pleas and replied: “No one on planet Earth wants this to happen more than me. We’ll see what happens.”

Wes Ball, who is the director of “The Scorch Trials,” also aired his thoughts on helming “The Kill Order” after “The Death Cure.” Ball did not directly imply if an adaptation of the “The Kill Order” was in the works or not, but asked fans to take it one movie at a time.

“Right now, I’m only thinking about THIS movie. ‘Scorch’ has to be great if we want more films,” Ball wrote along with a smiley.

“The Kill Order” is the prequel to “The Maze Runner” series and sees the story of what happened before WCKD was created and before all the chaos ensued on Earth, Goodreads noted.

“The Kill Order” introduces sun flares survivors named Mark and Trina, who have to battle against a disease, which causes rage and lunacy amongst its victims.

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Photo Source: Facebook/The Maze Runner


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