The Maze Runner Releases Extended Trailer

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
The Maze Runner Releases Extended Trailer

The movie that is set in a different kind of dystopian setting, “The Maze Runner,” releases their extended trailer. It is packed with more adrenaline-rushing scenes and elaborated visual effects. Read further to learn more about the details.

Giving its take on a bleak, dystopian world, 20th Century Fox’s “The Maze Runner”  recently unveils a new and extended trailer that was first revealed at the San Diego Comic – Con 2014 panel. Now that it is open for everyone to see, the trailer features extra scenes that would surely bring viewers to a whole new anticipatory level. Director Wes Ball, who is originally a visual effects artist before assuming the directorial role, is working alongside “Teen Wolf’s” Dylan O’Brien, “We’re The Millers'” Will Poulter, “Skins'” Kaya Scodelario and more others in his movie adaptation of James Dashner’s best-selling novel.

The recently released trailer does not feature additional scenes that would give its viewers the clear depiction of what is to transpire on the film, at least not more than what the first trailer had intended to give — the premise of a group of boys stuck in a gargantuan maze. However, the trailer does invoke an added exhilaration and excitement towards the film which gives their viewers a more distinctive taste on the things they can certainly expect on.

The production also unveiled a new poster. Check it HERE.

Basing it on Screen Rant’s take with the new trailer, the preview has managed to establish certain key elements of the film for the viewers who have not read the book. It was given a more scenic view of the maze called The Glade, and the monsters that lurk all over it are called Grievers. The new trailer was also able to present the fact that slowly but surely, the boys will be able to unlock the many mysteries of their very questionable existence.

You can certainly expect a different kind of desolation in the world that “The Maze Runners” will take you. This is all due to the fact that the book and the movie start off as a big mystery that unfolds little by little. It is very much different with how similar young adult fictions like “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent” were presented, with the way they all exhibited a futuristic setting in the most vast and general sense of it all. Instead, this new movie is anchored in the mystery of the future and everything that is in it which makes the story more riveting.

Originally, “The Maze Runner” has been set for an earlier release date at around February 2014. However, it was pushed back for some alterations and quality assurance purposes according to Deadline. Nonetheless, this should not keep you from getting excited of its release. In addition to that, Fox is also going through the motions of adapting the second book, “The Scorch Trials,” which could instigate the creation of another movie franchise. Mark your calendars now as the film is set to hit the theaters on Sept. 19, 2014.

Watch the new trailer HERE.

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