The Middle Season 6 Recap: Frankie Bares It All

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
The Middle Season 6 Recap: Frankie Bares It All
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Frankie does not care anymore about Christmas in the new episode of “The Middle” Season 6 Episode 9 “The Christmas Wall,” which aired last Dec. 10, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, the friendship of Axl and Sean is tested by a TV special featuring a red-nosed reindeer, Brick is fascinated by Christmas letters, Mike is having a tough time with a simple Christmas tree and Frankie does not want to put on some pants. Read to know why Frankie is not herself anymore.

The episode kicks off with the whole family looking for the perfect Christmas tree. Parents want a fake tree because Sue is allergic. Everyone cannot decide on which tree to buy. Mike gets the upper hand by purchasing the tree with a 50 percent discount.

Mike and Frankie are assembling the tree when Axl is about to go outside with a Christmas hat. He says he has a business venture called the “Tree Wise Men” with his friends. They are paid to put up decorations. Frankie, however, wants to decorate the tree with the whole family. Axl whines it is the only chance to hang out with his friends during the holidays. Frankie lets him, but he must help in Christmas shopping.

Brick takes the Christmas cards and letters from the mail. He is fascinated how detailed the letters are. Frankie explains it is a way to catch up with the lives of friends and relatives.

Axl, Sean and Darrin are resting for a while from decorating. Sean brings up that some scenes in “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys” are depressing. Axl tells him King Moonracer is not depressing at all and not even one of the misfit toys because he is the leader. Sean keeps on insisting King Moonracer is a toy. Axl becomes sensitive and walks out.

Brick is calling the family who sent them a long letter and talks about everything that was written. Frankie freaks out because they barely know those people. Brick says he cannot wait for next year to know what will happen next, so he gets updates through phone.

Mike arrives from the store. He complained because the top of the Christmas tree does not fit. He was told he was given the wrong top, so he has to return it. Frankie wearily helps him disassemble the tree. She thinks it really feels like Christmas already: stressful, irritating and overwhelming.

While decorating someone’s front yard, Axl and Sean are still not in good terms.  They start arguing again and get physical. The decorations are damaged because of their fist fight.

Mike arrives again from the store. He is annoyed that he waited for 45 minutes just to have someone who can entertain him. Frankie suddenly says she is tired of Christmas. Mike believes she is just in a “funk,” and her spirit will come alive again after putting up a new Christmas tree. Turns out Mike must go back again for the third time because he is given a pink tree.

Sue excitedly asks for wrapping paper for her gifts. Frankie does not want to buy. She tells her to just use the birthday wrapping papers. Sue is in great disbelief, same as Axl after asking Sue what happened as soon as he arrived. Frankie says it is more fun to watch TV and eat Grandma’s fudge. She unexpectedly takes off her pants and lay on the sofa. Axl and Sue are disturbed and try to cover their mom’s legs. Frankie gets hysterical because she wants her legs bare.

Mike talks with a sales man who confirms the box is mislabeled. The cheery guy attempts to share his same experience when Mike stops him. He tells Mike it is already sold out. He promises Mike to reserve him a tree from another store.

After the kids talked about who is to blame for their mother’s strange behavior, they go to their mother again, who is still lying comfortably, half-naked on the sofa. Sue apologizes in behalf of Brick and Axl. Frankie does not know what they are sorry for. Sensing Frankie is already okay, Sue tells her to put on pants, bake cookies and decorate the house. Frankie does not want to.

The Tree Wise Men only receive $1 each because of the damages. Axl and Sean finally settle their conflict. However, they still want to know if King Moonracer is a toy or not so they ask Darrin to watch the show for them with no outside influence. His decision is the deal-breaker.

Brick is writing a Christmas letter on the porch when Mike arrives. Mike shares his exhausting day. Brick wants to include it in the letter. He starts reading it out loud. He writes every embarrassing and negative event in the family, including “pantless” Frankie. Mike stops him, pointing out that Christmas must be about positivity.

While waiting for their friend to finish watching the show, Sue asks Axl and Sean if Darrin can rewind it. They will not let him because they believe first impressions are important. Brick interrupts Axl to share his problem that he cannot write anything positive in the letter because he cannot lie. Axl tells him the family who sent them the letter is probably lying.

Darrin is finally done watching the show. Axl and Sean are excited to know his verdict. Suddenly, Darrin sprints to the door. He does not want to say his opinion. Axl and Sean chase him until they wrestle in the snow. Darrin screams King Moonracer is a toy. Axl collapses. Slowly, the three of them makes snow angels.

In the end, Mike keeps the first tree and puts a pink top. He was tired of being passed into different stores. Frankie wraps the presents in brown paper bags. She enjoys it. Mike is happy that Frankie is having a good time. However, he admits loving Christmas stuff. He shares he did not celebrate Christmas until he met Frankie. Casually, Mike leaves first to go to sleep. Frankie realizes something that makes her swear.

It is Christmas morning when the kids go downstairs and find overflowing Christmas decorations. The children excitedly open their gifts still wrapped in paper bags. Mike is obviously happy as he looks into Frankie’s eyes. Frankie is sitting comfortably on the sofa while watching her happy kids.

After asking if everyone likes hot coco, Frankie takes off the blanket on her lap and goes to the kitchen without pants.

There you have it for the recap on “The Middle” which aired last Dec. 10, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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