The Mindy Project Season 3 Recap: Caramel Time Princess

By April Lara | 3 years ago

In “The Mindy Project” Episode 6 “Caramel Princess Time,” we saw Danny and Mindy discussed another issue in their relationship, while Peter went out with someone. Read on for the full recap.

The episode kicked off with Danny waiting at a movie theater for Mindy, and it seemed like Mindy was taking too long to get there. This brought upon another issue that Danny has with Mindy — she’s always late. Willing to work out their relationship and talk about their issues openly, Danny brought it up the next day, but Mindy quickly retorted that she goes to mass with him every Sunday even if she’s not Catholic so Danny should be able to accept her tardiness as well. Danny definitely didn’t see that coming and, feeling quite defeated because his girlfriend has a point, decided to just let it go and to accept Mindy for who she is.

At the office, Dr. Fishman went to Danny again and expressed her worry because she thinks that he has a mental health condition after wanting to kill himself over what Mindy did. Dr. Fishman urged him again to go to her Mental Health Seminar. Finally, Danny said that he’ll consider.

Meanwhile, Tamra has a date planned for Peter, and he's setting him up with her very close friend, Abby. Peter was so excited for his date.

That night, Mindy and Danny have dinner reservations with one of the best restaurants in town until Mindy arrived late again. She was surprised that Danny wasn’t’ there at all. Mindy was very upset about this that she didn’t talk to Danny, and they ended up arguing in the office. Mindy said that there’s going to be one time that he’s going to be late, but Danny said that that’s never going to happen.

Of course, Mindy, eager to prove that she’s right, decided to plot against her boyfriend by setting his watch an hour early. Danny figured this all out, and he still got to the office on time, which was really impressive by the way. However, Danny got suspended by Dr. Fishman and told him that he will only be allowed back if he attends the seminar because he has emotional issues. Danny, left with no choice, finally agreed.Meanwhile, Mindy, wanting to make up to her boyfriend, decided to take his mother and his mother’s friend out on Saturday for some errands that Danny was supposed to go with.

Peter and Abby’s date was a disaster because Peter was the least interested in what she’s telling him regarding her book because she’s a romance novelist. The date didn’t go well, and Tamra confronted him about this. Tamra said that Abby will be at the bookstore, and he should apologize for ditching her. Peter did what he was told, and there he found Abby in the bookstore. He was surprised that she’s actually an awesome writer. Abby was a bit hesitant at first to forgive him, but she gave in anyway. They’re on for a second date.

Saturday came, and Mindy was waiting for Danny’s mom and her friend, Dot. She was actually pissed already because they kept her waiting throughout the time that they were together. Meanwhile, Danny was at the seminar, but things didn’t go well for him. He even revealed the reason why he hates being kept waiting. It’s because when he was a child, he was expecting to watch “Ghostbusters” with his dad, but his dad never showed up. He said “If you love someone, if you really love someone, why would you keep them waiting?”

So that’s where Danny was coming from, and Mindy learned all about this. She’s now determined to not keep Danny waiting anymore. Aww, these two!

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