The Mindy Project Season 3 Recap: San Francisco Bae

By April Lara | 3 years ago

Danny and Mindy are now in  a long-distance relationship, with Mindy being in Stanford while Danny is back in NYC. Can the two survive this? Well, that’s what “The Mindy Project” Season 3 Episode 13 “San Francisco Bae” is all about – our lovebirds got hit by a curveball. Read below for the full recap.

Danny was all up for Mindy to have an awesome time in California. Mindy took the chance to get Gurgler to come with her for a night out. He badly needed it because he found out that his wife’s cheating on him. On the other hand, Danny invited Morgan over to bond. It was until they saw Lauren, Jeremy’s girlfriend, enters Peter’s apartment. They eavesdropped the whole time with beers on hand.

Back at the bar, Mindy ran into the person who took her virginity way back in 2004, Alex (Lee Pace). They started talking, and then Mindy found out that Alex even sent her an email during the time that he was in NYC. Mindy didn’t get it because Alex sent it to her old college address, so she looked it up, and there it was in her spam folder.

In NYC, Danny and Morgan found out that the reason Lauren went over at Peter’s was to drop off her baby for him to babysit that night. The two jumped into conclusions right away because they already have called Jeremy with the thought that Lauren’s cheating on him. When Jeremy came, Morgan made up a lie. He said that he’s the one who cheated with Mindy, with Danny standing beside him, shocked. But he still decided to go with it until they found Lauren and Peter making out.

Meanwhile, Mindy was having fun talking to Alex, and he’s so hot! She could’ve jumped to bed with him. Mindy realized that she has to go home and call up her boyfriend. So she did, and they had an argument about junk food. Oh, Danny and Mindy.

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