The Mindy Project Season 3 Recap: We Need to Talk About Annette

By April Lara | 3 years ago

Just when Annette and Mindy were doing good, something rocked their relationship in “The Mindy Project” Season 3 Episode 7 “We Need to Talk About Annette.”

Danny and Mindy were two different people. Even though they love each other and they seem to get along, there are still some things that one wouldn’t understand about the other. In this episode, Mindy illegally downloaded the new “Hunger Games” while that wasn’t how Danny planned things to be.

Mindy went with Annette for some bathing suit shopping when she spotted her stuffing a leather jacket into her bag and leaving. She was appalled and torn whether she’s going to tell Danny or not. Then Tamra’s bracelet went missing, and Mindy asked Annette if she have tried it on and forgot to give it back. Annette was offended and told Danny that she accused her of stealing. Danny wasn’t really happy about this so Mindy told her about the leather jacket that her mother gave him. Annette had an excuse up her sleeve and told her that she went back and paid for it. Still, Mindy didn’t buy it.

Peter thought that he found the one in Abby and then Tamra invited them to a rave party. Peter and Abby were supposed to g,o but Peter was on call. He still went to the party but sober, and luckily, he did this because he got called in the hospital. That’s when he realized that Abby is not the one for him.

In the end, Danny realized that Mindy was telling the truth about her mother, but they still promised to send over a check for the leather jacket that Annette stole, which cost $500.

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