The Mummy: Princess Ahmanet’s Backstory Revealed; Director Alex Kurtzman On Larger Monster Universe

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
The Mummy: Princess Ahmanet’s Backstory Revealed; Director Alex Kurtzman On Larger Monster Universe
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This summer, a powerful ancient creature is going to chase Tom Cruise in The Mummy. Weeks before the movie’s premiere, director Alex Kurtzman introduces the villain of the movie and how she will fit into the larger Monster Universe.

Who is The Mummy?

Universal Studios has already released the action-filled first trailer to the upcoming monster movie and it already teased the evil that is restrained by the unearthed sarcophagus. While it generously provided plot points to keep fans at the edge of their seats, details about the villainess have been scarce.

Luckily, Kurtzman is willing to talk about his monster in the upcoming movie. In an interview with EW, the filmmaker brought to light some information about the villainess’ path to evil.

First off, the villain of The Mummy is Princess Ahmanet, a primordial goddess from Ancient Egypt. The trailer recounted that she was chosen to be the queen of Egypt, but her thirst for power led her to the dark path. Based on what has already been seen, the ancient power has the capacity to manipulate nature.

But the story of Ahmanet is far complicated. According to the report by the aforementioned source, her father promised to make her pharaoh, but he backtracked when he sired a son. “That betrayal led her toward the shuffling terror first embodied by Boris Karloff in the original 1932 Mummy,” the site stated.

Kurtzman added that Ahmanet is not the kind of person who would be contented in her place. She wanted more.

The studio remade the tale to make the villain female. For her part, Boutella did her research to make an accurate portrayal of the character.

“These people never shouted,” the Kingsman: The Secret Service star explained. “They were the most powerful people, but they were just calm.”

But things do not turn out calmly when she finally rises. Ahmanet chases Nick Morton (Cruise) all over London  and she will not stop until she the modern world is remade to her own liking.

No Avengers-Style Crossovers

Ahmanet is only the first in the line of monsters who are expected to be introduced in Universal’s Monster Universe. After The Mummy, a few more movies are lined up including The Wolf Man, The Invisible Man and The Bride of Frankenstein.

However, do not expect any of these other monsters to appear in the upcoming movie. Kurtzman said the movie is “called The Mummy, not The Mummy Meets 12 Other Monsters.” 

Russell Crowe’s character Dr. Henry Jekyll, however, is expected to be a recurring character. As the head of an organization tasked to hunt monsters in all four corners of the world.

The larger cinematic universe will come in after all the monsters have been fully established and the studio created an interesting world. “[T]hen we will have succeeded in setting up the larger universe,” he added.

The Mummy Movie Details

While seeking for treasure in Egypt, Nick Mortan comes across the hidden tomb of Princess Ahmanet. His team puts her sarcophagus onto a cargo plane but, while in flight, her power awakens and causes their plane to crash.

But while Nick went down with the plane, he survives the crash. He is told that the ancient power will not stop until she remakes the world around her into her own empire.

The Mummy also stars Courtney B. Vance, Annabelle Wallis, Marwan Kenzari and Jake Johnson. This is Kurtzman’s directorial debut. Prior to the movie, the screenwriter and producer was involved in other blockbusters such as Star Trek Into The Darkness and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The Mummy will hit the big screen on June 9.

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