The Muppets at Comic-Con: Miss Piggy’s Talk Show to Go On Air Soon

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
The Muppets at Comic-Con: Miss Piggy’s Talk Show to Go On Air Soon
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook | Miss Piggy the muppets

The Muppets got themselves a standing ovation at the San Diego Comic Con for their soon to debut talk show on ABC. ABC had decided on showing the new Muppets series based solely on a 10-minute pilot presentation. The presentation was also screened at the Comic Con.

Well known muppet characters, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Rizo the Rat, and Pepe the king prawn took the stage with the producers at the San Diego Comic convention and talked about their new show on ABC which will show the behind the scene and on screen footage of a mock talk show hosted by Miss Piggy.

The audience were delighted by the never before seen footage that the creators had used to pitch their show to ABC. The show’s new and exciting concept obviously charmed a lot of fans if the size of the audience at the panel and the standing ovation they delivered for the cast and crew are any indication.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that the new show will feature Miss Piggy as the presenter of a mock Talk Show called “Up Late With Miss Piggy.” The rest of the muppets will work as the cast and crew for the talk show. Kermit will be shown working as Miss Piggy’s executive producer and Gonzo will be working as her head writer. Pepe and Rizzo will be part of the mock talk show’s writing team. Scooter will be the talent coordinator for the show.

Fozzie will play Piggy’s on-air sidekick. Bobo will be the stage manager. Sam Eagle will be shown to be the head of broadcast standards for the network. The Swedish Chef will also be the head of craft services and Rowlf will be shown to own a tavern across the street from the studio where he plays piano. This show will be geared towards grown up audiences and may delve deeper into the personal lives of the muppets.

Photo Source: Facebook/Miss Piggy

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