The Musketeers Recap: An Ordinary Man

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The Musketeers Recap: An Ordinary Man
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The Musketeers” Season 2 Episode 2 “An Ordinary Man” aired last Friday, Jan. 9, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on BBC One. The premiere episode of the second season will also air on BBC America at 9:00 p.m., every Staurday night, starting on Jan. 17, 2015. In this episode, Porthos (Howard Charles), Athos (Tom Burke) and D’Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino) escorted a disguised King Louis (Ryan Gage) who wanted to experience life out on the town as a commoner. However, after a tavern fight, Louis and D’Artagnan are imprisoned by galley slavers. Meanwhile, the Comte de Rochefort (Marc Warren) managed to get some insurance for Spain from Queen Anne (Alexandra Dowling), who agonized over her husband’s absence. Meanwhile, during the entire ordeal, the Musketeers discovered an unsettling discovery. It is a discovery that was more painful for Athos than the rest of them- Milady de Winter (Mamie McCoy). Read on to learn more about this episode.

After a royal hunt, Athos (Tom Burke) tried to dissuade King Louis (Ryan Gage) from pushing through with his plan. However, he decided that he would still go on ahead with his plan of experiencing a night on the town dressed as a commoner. He then found it exhilarating and exciting, as he watched Porthos (Howard Charles) win in a fight inside a local tavern. As he still wanted to stay, he started to play cards. Unfortunately, he fought with a man after accusing a man at his table of cheating. Because of this, D’Artagnan, with the help of the owner of the tavern, Gus (Christopher Fulford), escorted the king out the back, where they were snatched by some slavers. When Porthos and Athos finally managedto break away from the fight, they could not find D’Artagnan or the king anywhere at the front of the tavern.

Meanwhile, Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) pretended to pay more attention to the Dauphin’s governess, Marguerite (Charlotte Salt), in order to be close to his son. As the Dauphin was restless, he sang to him and held him until he settled back down again.

The next morning, Queen Anne (Alexandra Dowling) was furious. She heard that Louis was missing, especially since the Dauphin’s christening was to be held the next day.

Athos, Porthos and Aramis went back to the tavern. They learned from the owner, Gus, that he got paid to send people to the back of his tavern. It was after he had gotten them sufficiently drunk, so that they could be snatched up by slavers. He told them that he had only done so as he had been threatened that his tavern would be burned to the ground. Outside, at the back of the tavern, Porthos found some blood that had been covered up on the cobblestones.

Because of this, the queen became increasingly worried and anxious. Captain Treville (Hugo Speer) then reminded her that Louis was “not alone” and that D’Artagnan was with him. Her special adviser, Madame Constance Bonacieux (Tamla Kari) defended D’Artagnanan in front of the Comte de Rochefort (Marc Warren), who then proceeded to volunteer the services of the Red Guard in the search for the missing king. He then suggested that they announce that Louis was sick in bed, in order to explain his absence if need be. After the queen had left, he told Constance to “remember” her “place in the future” as she had spoken openly against him in front of the queen.

Meanwhile, the three musketeers went the morgue, where they encountered a young woman, named Madame Pepin. She was looking for her husband who had suddenly disappeared without a trace. After asking around, they discovered that the newest body that had come in, who had an iron around his ankle, was not D’Artagnan, much to their relief. They then realized that something like this had happened two years ago. Many of Paris’ poor suddenly vanished as they had been sold to Spanish galleys by a man named Sebastian Lemaitre (Brian Pettifer), who had been sentenced to the French colonies. They then paid a visit to Bruno Lamaitre (Stuart Bowman), whom they forced to talk.

Meanwhile, D’Artagnan and the King were forced to walk in irons alongside other prisoners. Louis tried to blame D’Artagnan for what had happened. He was stopped by D’Artagnan before he could reveal who he really was. He warned Louis that he might be killed if they knew who he truly was as they would be afraid of being hung for treason. They then stopped after a prisoner, Pepin (Micah Balfour) fell. After they whipped him, D’Artagnan decided to carry him so that they could keep on moving.

Back in Paris, the musketeers learned that a Spanish galley would be leaving Honfleur the next evening. Based on this, they decided to track them down through the forest road. Meanwhile, Gus, after being informed by Bruno that the musketeers were after Sebastian, instructed him to warn his brother.

At the palace, Rochefort advised the Queen that they “should allow” the musketeers “to complete their task”, since “the city was quiet,” as everyone believed that the king was merely sick. Treville then told her that Louis was taken by a gang who sold off slaves to Spanish galleys, but they believed that they had “no idea” that they had taken the king as a prisoner.

Inside the forest, Sebastian made them rest and made camp at a particular area. They were chained, and all their valuables were placed into a bag, which Sebastian gave to Milady de Winter (Mamie McCoy). She then became alert after recognizing Louis’ ring and informed Sebastian that they were worth a lot. Because Sebastian thought that Louis was a gentleman, he tried to shoot him, but D’Artagnan stood in his way. Milady then told Sebastian not to kill them as they were worth more than the others as they were “the fittest men” there. D’Artagnan was then horrified and shocked to see that Milady was there.

In the meantime, Rochefort paid a visit to the Ambassador of Spain, Ambassador Perales (Will Keen) who told him that he planned on having the king killed. Rochefort went against the idea, but was told to make sure that his position with the Queen was secure. He did it so that there would be no chance that he would lose favor after the king was killed.

At the camp, Louis was horrified that they would be becoming galley slaves. However, Pepin told them that what he found even more horrifying was the thought that his daughter and wife would probably think that he had “abandoned them.” He then informed Louis that the “authorities did not care” that this had been going on for quite a while, and called the king a “buffoon.” However, D’Artagnan defended the king’s honor by telling Pepin that the king was a good man, and that he deserved their respect. They were then interrupted as D’Artagnan noticed that Bruno had arrived. He was the one who informed Sebastian that the musketeers were looking for him.

Back at the palace, Rochefort apologized to Constance for his tone of voice. He advised the queen that she should fortify the position of the throne for her son by writing to her brother, Philip, the king of Spain, in order to ask for help. He then reassured her that he wanted her to think of it for her welfare and for her son’s welfare.

Back at the camp, D’Artagnan reminded the king that Pepin had “the right to his opinion.” Louis then told D’Artagnan that he knew that he was nothing like his great father, who had been assassinated when he was “only eight years old.” He then admitted that he felt that he had been “robbed of so much” because of that, and revealed that the thing that he was scared of the most was the fact that the Dauphin might not grow up with a father, and that he could not bear to apart from his son. D’Artagnan then revealed to Louis that his own father, who had taught him everything that he knew, had been killed on the way to Paris, when they had set out for Paris before.

Meanwhile, Perales informed Gus that the man that the musketeers were looking for was the king. In order to save his own skin, Gus decided to heed Perales’ advice to kill everyone in the camp, and the king, to avoid the “hangman’s noose.”

Back at the camp, later that night, Milady went over to where D’Artagnan was. He managed to get her gun from her, but returned it after she showed him that she had the keys of the irons. She then set them free, and told D’Artagnan to remember that she saved his life. They then ran out into the forest.

Meanwhile, Aramis, Porthos and Athos arrived at the port of Honfleur early. Because of this, they decided to track down Sebastian’s camp in order to get the king to safety.

The next morning, as the hunt for D’Artagnan and Louis commenced, Milady packed her bags and got ready to leave. However, Sebastian and his men managed to catch up to them, and took them back to the camp.

The musketeers, in the forest, were ambushed by Bruno and his men, but they managed to fight them off, and took Bruno prisoner after his foot got stuck in a trap. He then led them down to his brother’s camp, and told them about Gus’ involvement in the entire affair. Meanwhile, Milady, ready to escape, watched the proceedings at the camp from a high vantage point.

Louis then revealed himself to Sebastian, after Sebastian threatened to shoot D’Artagnan if he did not reveal who he was. However, before he could kill Louis, Gus ran in with several men, and ordered them to kill everyone in the camp. Sebastian ran off and encountered Milady, who shot him dead on the spot, and took the king’s ring. Meanwhile, Louis and Pepin fought off Gus’ men, alongside D’Artagnan, who managed to unschackle them with some keys. As they ran out from the camp, Pepin was shot dead by Gus. They then ran into Milady, who provided them with two horses.

Back at the palace, Rochefort was pleased as Anne had agreed to write and sign a letter to her brother. She was uneasy at what she had done, but reassured herself and Constance that it was the right thing to do.

Back at the forest, D’Artagnan left Milady with Louis so that he could check if they were in the clear. Milady then told Louis that she had been “snatched up” by the gang, and had been coerced to cooperate with them. After telling them that she did not need anything in return, she pretended to faint, and kissed Louis. D’Artagnan then returned, and told them to “get back,” but was relieved to see that it was Aramis, Athos and Porthos. They, in turn were shocked to see that Milady was there, and could not believe that she had saved D’Artagnan and Louis. They advised the king to see her tried, but he pardoned her for all the criminal acts that she had possibly done. Athos, who could not bear to look at his ex-wife, then confirmed that she had indeed helped them.

Their reunion, however, was short lived, as Gus and his men came. Bruno then decided to help after being granted “clemency” if he helped. Porthos, Louis and Milady rode off to Paris, while D’Artagnan and the others got rid of Gus and his men. D’Artagnan himself laid the fatal blow on Gus “for Pepin.”

At the christening, the Queen was shocked and delighted to see her husband safe and sound. Rochefort then informed Perales that he was “holding on” to Anne’s letter, and that Perales should listen to him the next time around.

Afterwards, King Louis rewarded D’Artagnan with killing Bruno, but he refused, as the king had given his word to Bruno that he would have “clemency.” Because of this, the king became disappointed in the musketeers once again, and Rochefort gained his favor after killing Bruno himself.

D’Artagnan was furious that the king had gone back on his word, and that they weren’t even thanked for saving him.Treville reminded him that the king needed someone to blame for what had happened- them. They then pooled their money together to give it to Pepin’s widow, and told her that it had been sent by the king as thanks for his service.

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Catch “The Musketeers” every Friday night at 9:00 p.m. on BBC One.

Catch “The Musketeers” every Saturday night at 9:00 p.m. on BBC America starting Jan. 17, 2015.

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