The Musketeers Recap: Emilie

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The Musketeers Recap: Emilie
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“The Musketeers” Season 2 Episode 4 “Emilie” aired last Friday, Jan. 30, 2015, at 9 PM on BBC One. In this episode, a peasant girl, Emilie of Duras (Emma Lowndes), raised an army against Spain and incited mobs against Spain, as she claimed that she had visions from God that told her that King Philip was the Antichrist. In order to try and see if she could be reasoned with, Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) went undercover at her camp, where he discovered the truth about her visions. Meanwhile, the Comte de Rochefort (Marc Warren) used his knowledge of Milady de Winter’s (Mamie McCoy) past, in order to blackmail her to get rid of Ambassador Perales (Will Keen), who was trying to have him eliminated. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The Musketeers—D’artagnan (Luke Pasqualino), Athos (Tom Burke), Porthos (Howard Charles) and Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) arrived at the campsite of Emilie of Duras (Emma Lowndes) in order to speak to her. While waiting for her, they heard her telling the crowd that King Philip of Spain was the Antichrist and that they were to go to Spain in order to tear him down from his throne. After she said this, she fainted and was brought to her tent.

Inside, the Musketeers told Emilie that it is considered as treason to raise an army without the king’s permission. She then told them that both she and King Louis are loved by God and that Spain would be spared if Philip surrendered. She then fainted and was led away by her mother who claimed that when she felt faint, that’s when God spoke to her.

Meanwhile, in the streets of Paris, the mob attacked several Spaniards and beat and killed them.

At the garrison, only Aramis believed that there was a possibility that she was truly blessed with visions from God. Because of this, Captain Treville (Hugo Speer) ordered him to go over to Emilie’s side to see if she could be reasoned with. They were then told that King Louis (Ryan Gage) did not want to be bothered by anything since he claimed that he was busy with affairs of state, which meant, of course, that he was busy with Milday de Winter (Mamie McCoy), as he had completely fallen under her spell and had taken her as his mistress.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Perales (Will Keen) and the Comte de Rochefort (Marc Warren) met in secret, regarding the situation at hand. However, Perales noticed that Rochefort was becoming more confident in himself that he would become king someday. This caused Perales to realize that he would have to do something about Rochefort soon. To this end, he paid a visit to the woman that Rochefort frequented and paid her to kill Rochefort the next time that he called upon her.

The next morning, Margueritte (Charlotte Salt), the Dauphin’s governess complained about Aramis leaving. Aramis was more concerned about the fact that there should be more than two guards guarding the Dauphin. After she asked him if he loved her, he told her that he was fond of her and that what they had was just an affair because she had to marry a man of her own rank. He was just a soldier and was considered beneath her. Afterwards, he left and headed over to Emilie’s camp.

There, he informed Emilie that he had deserted the Musketeers, which she believed, as she claimed that her visions had told her that Aramis was going to ride into Madrid with her. Later that night, as he read outside her tent, he heard Emilie screaming and shouting in her sleep.

At court, Rochefort grabbed Milady as they passed by each other in the palace halls, and confronted her. He knew her name and, after removing her choker, discovered by the scars on her neck that she was a criminal who had survived the noose. He then let her go but warned her that they were not yet done talking.

Later that night, D’artagnan met up with Constance Bonnaciuex (Tamla Kari), who was clearly worried about Milady’s presence in the palace, as she knew who Milady truly was. However, D’artagnan reassured her that Milady would sooner or later find a way to destroy herself. The two were about to kiss each other, but Constance decided not to and left him to be with Athos, who decided to drink the night away with D’artagnan as he was not pleased at all that his ex-wife, Milady, was in town and in their lives once again.

The next morning, Emilie confided to Aramis that she had seen a vision in which she was happy and that they had been granted an audience with the king. After he asked about her dreams, which caused her to scream in pain, she revealed that she often dreamt of death and pain but was sure that the visions were from God because she always felt joy that was beyond comprehension. However, during the entire time that Aramis talked with Emilie, Emilie’s mother carefully watched them like a hawk.

A little later on, she told Aramis that she knew that he did not believe in her visions, as he tried to dissuade her from continuing to form an army, as he knew that nothing would be able to protect the peasants from all the machines of war that Spain had. However, she told him that they all loved King Louis and that their faith and God would protect them from harm.

Back in Paris, after the mob tried to storm Ambassador Perales’ house, the king ordered Captain Treville and his men to escort the Ambassador to the garrison, as he would be much safer there.

Inside the palace, Queen Anne (Alexandra Dowling) confided to Constance that she felt useless, as it seemed that she couldn’t get the king to have an audience with Emilie as he was captivated by Milady. She was especially grieved because the mob had been targeting Spanish citizens in Spain, and the queen herself was Spanish, as she was the sister of Philip. She then told Constance that she knew that Milady knew a lot of bedroom tricks that probably pleased the king in ways that she couldn’t, but Constance reassured her that if she really did love Louis, then there would be no need for bedroom tricks. Anne confided to Constance that since the two of them had married when they were very young, they were more like friends than lovers, but was thankful that she was the mother of his son. Anne then decided to take matters into her own hands and decided to go with Constance to Emilie’s camp, so that she could be useful and prove to Louis that there are some things that only queens could do.

Meanwhile, Rochefort blackmailed a priest to learn all about Milady, so that he could somehow use that knowledge to his own advantage. Thanks to that, he was able to discover that Milady was Cardinal Richelieu’s spy and assassin, and got the priest to write all of Milady’s crimes down on paper.

Meanwhile, at the garrison, Perales revealed to Treville that he was going to retire as soon as he got back to Spain. He then insisted that he be brought in front of the king as he had something important to tell him, but Treville refused as he had been ordered to keep Perales there.

After Perales went inside the quarters, Porthos confronted Treville about the fact that General de Foix had left him a legacy or inheritance, which led him to believe that both the General and Treville knew something about his parents. However, Treville advised him to leave it alone.

Later that night, Rochefort paid a visit to his woman, who tried to stab him. However, she was unsuccessful, and before she died by her own sword, she told him that Perales was the one who had ordered him to be killed. Afterwards, he had a box with her ear sent over to Perales, who began to insist that he be moved elsewhere. However, they could not do anything until they were given the order to allow him to be moved.

The next morning, Rochefort showed Milady that he had obtained a list of all her crimes, and threatened to expose her if she did not help him kill Perales. She then agreed on the condition that Perales was the only one that she would kill and that they would be even afterwards.

At the camp, the peasants recognized who Anne was and brought her to Emilie. However, she was surprised to see that Aramis was there. Anne tried to appeal to Emilie, woman to woman, but Emilie’s mother and the others wanted to hang Anne for being Spanish. Emilie was then surprised by Aramis, who warned them not to hurt Anne. Emilie then stopped everyone from doing anything harsh and told them that she would wait for another vision which would tell her what to do. Aramis then gave Anne some soup to drink and Constance Emilie’s soup, as Emilie had offered it to her. That night, Constance dreamt that King Louis and the queen were dead, and woke up in a sweat. Emilie recognized Constance’s symptoms as similar to the dreams that she had, and told her that she had been granted a vision, which Constance hoped would not come true.

The next morning, Emilie decided to let Constance and Anne return to Paris with Aramis on the condition that she would be granted an audience with Louis. However, before they left, Constance chanced upon Aramis and Anne sharing a kiss. Afterwards, Anne told Constance that since she knew all of her secrets, she entrusts her with it. Right after the ladies headed towards the horses, Aramis took some of Emilie’s uneaten soup.

At the palace, Aramis told Constance to get Lamay (Ed Stoppard), the surgeon, to test the soup, as he had a suspicion that the soup caused Emilie to have visions and dreams as Constance had eaten the soup from Emilie’s bowl.

At the garrison, Perales was relieved to learn that he was going back to Spain and that Rochefort would provide him a carriage to help him on his journey. He then promised them that when he arrived in Spain, he would let them know what the box with the severed ear meant.

However, as D’argtanan had gone ahead to make sure that the carriage was waiting for them, he learned that there was any waiting for Perales. Because of this, he realized that they were walking into a trap, and ordered them to go back to the garrison. However, it was too late, as Milady had cut his hand with a poisoned blade, which caused his death.

At the palace, Rochefort was looking at the orders that supposedly came from him and learned it was a clever forgery. Because of this, Louis became enraged, and Rochefort used the opportunity to convince Louis to want to have Emilie arrested and killed. However, Rochefort told Treville that he would be free to handle the situation any way that he wanted.

Afterwards, at the Dauphin’s cradle, in the queen’s chambers, Rochefort managed to blackmail Margueritte to spy on the queen for him.

At the garrison, the doctor informed Constance and Aramis that after trying the soup for himself, he had discovered that the soup was laced with a narcotic, probably from a wild mushroom, that caused whoever drank it to have visions and delusions. Aramis then suggested that they bring Emilie to Paris by giving her what she wanted—an audience with the king.

Aramis then brought her from the camp to the palace where he tried to convince her that her mother had been drugging her in order for her to gain visions. As she didn’t believe him, Treville arrested her and brought her to the dungeon, where Athos and Constance stayed with her, so that the effects of the drug would wear off. Athos stayed as he knew how to deal with that sort of thing.

During the course of the night, Emilie experienced withdrawal, as she had been so used to taking the drug since she was a child. However, after waking up, she discovered that her visions were gone and realized that her mother had indeed been drugging her.

Later that day, Athos saw Milady in the marketplace and reminded her that the past is never dead but that they were finished with each other. Milady, who was unsuccessful in convincing Athos that she had changed, told him that he didn’t want to admit that he was still in love with her.

Afterwards, the Musketeers escorted Emilie back to the camp, where she told them that she had been deceived by her own mother, who had done it so that they would have a better life. However, one of the peasants, enraged, shouted “false prophets” at them and threw a stone which killed Emilie’s mother. Afterwards, the entire camp dispersed, and Emilie decided to go back home to Duras.

However, the Musketeers were in for an unpleasant surprise when they got back to the garrison, as they discovered that Captain Treville had been relieved of his duties as captain of the king’s Musketeers, as Rochefort had convinced Louis to let Treville take the blame for what had happened to Perales.

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