The Musketeers Recap: Keep Your Friends Close

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The Musketeers Recap: Keep Your Friends Close
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The Musketeers” Season 2 Episode 1 “Keep Your Friends Close” aired last Friday, Jan. 2, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on BBC One. The same episode will air on BBC America on Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. In this episode, Musketeers Porthos (Howard Charles), Athos (Tom Burke), Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) and D’Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino) reluctantly rescued the Comte de Rochefort (Marc Warren). They also assisted him in a daring mission to rescue the French General De Foix (Dominic Mafham). However, they do not know that Rochefort is actually preparing his own place. Meanwhile, Queen Anne (Alexandra Dowling) gives birth to a son, but unbeknowest to everyone, he is the son of Aramis and not of King Louis (Ryan Gage). Constance Bonnacieux (Tamla Kari) accepted a position at court as Queen Anne’s personal confidant and messenger. Porthos’ lineage is revealed, and the Cardinal, even in his grave, threatened to expose all of Aramis’ secrets. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with the entire court paying their respects to the late Cardinal Richelieu (Peter Capaldi). Meanwhile, Musketeers Porthos (Howard Charles), Athos (Tom Burke), Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) and D’Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino) were sent to collect a man who would only reveal himself at noon at a village inn. However, before they could enter the village, they stumbled across a lynch mob, who wanted to hang the Comte de Rochefort (Marc Warren), for shooting their innkeeper in cold blood. After explaining to D’Artagnan that Rochefort was one of the Cardinal’s right-hand men and was supposedly rotting away in a prison in Madrid, they decided to leave him. However, they reluctantly saved him as he was the man that they were supposed to meet, as he had news of great importance to tell the king. In the ensuing chaos, Rochefort tried to escape but was instead caught by them. They then proceeded to tie him up and forced him to walk on foot to Paris. They then informed him that only their captain, Captain Treville (Hugo Speer), would decide whether he could speak to the king or not.

Meanwhile, at the palace, Queen Anne (Alexandra Dowling) gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She then presented it to King Louis (Ryan Gage) as his son.

A little bit later on, Louis and the Queen asked Captain Treville to take the place of the Cardinal in his council, but he declined. This greatly insulted the king. At his quarters, Rochefort informed him that he wanted to tell the king that in the Spanish prison, he had seen General De Foix, the author of the military strategy of France against Spain who had been taken prisoner, contrary to the belief that he had been killed in battle. Treville was moved as he and the General were old friends. He then informed them that he was going to propose the king that they rescue the general.

At the audience with King Louis, Anne was pleased to see him as Rochefort had been the one who tutored her in everything to prepare her to become French royalty before she married Louis. The Ambassador of Spain, Ambassador Perales (Will Keen), then came in and demanded that they turn over Rochefort to them as he was a fugitive. However, as he called on the Cardinal’s name, Rochefort hit him for the king. The King then dismissed his court so that he could talk to Rochefort alone.

Afterwards, the Queen went directly to Constance Bonnecieux (Tamla Kari) and her husband (Bo Paraj), who had been waiting for her. She then offered Constance the job of being her personal confidant and messenger. She added that D’Artagnan had spoken highly of her. She then accepted the job, which meant that she would have to also live at the palace. On their way out, they ran into the Musketeers, who immediately separated Constance from her husband so that D’Artagnan and Constance could talk. She then thanked D’Artagnan and warned him to leave her alone.

Meanwhile, Aramis and Athos walked into the newborn son of Queen Anne, named Adolpho, who was, in reality, his own son with her. He took a look at him and commented that the baby was handsome and strong. As they walked away, Athos reminded him that Adolpho could never be his son as it would be an act of treason and because he would drag Queen Anne down with him.

Later that night, Rochefort secretly met up with Perales. It turned out that in exchange for his freedom, he had sworn an oath of loyalty to Spain. It turned out that he had proposed the rescue mission to the king, who had been delighted by it.  The plan was that Rochefort would return to rescue De Foix, and they would both be allowed to escape, while Athos, Aramis, Porthos and D’Artagnan would be killed as their loyalty to the king was legendary. This would leave the King vulnerable and unprotected. He would allow Rochefort to return home as a hero and might even be given the place of the Cardinal at court.

Next day, Captain Treville informed Rochefort that Athos would command the mission and not him. Rochefort then told them that the others would disguise themselves as bandits, returning him as a prisoner to the governor. They then would take Governor Alvarez hostage, while one of them slipped away to rescue the General. They were then told that if there was no chance of rescuing the General, that they would have to kill him so that France’s secrets would not be leaked to Spain. They could not back down from this, as those were the king’s direct orders.

At the border, Athos ordered D’artagnan to ride ahead and to rescue the General. Just as Rochefort and the Ambassador agreed on, they were ambushed by a patrol of Spanish guards. However, unfortunately for Rochefort, the Musketeers survived. He had no choice but to help them out so that his cover would not be blown. Afterwards, they wore the uniforms of the dead guards in order not to attract too much attention.

Meanwhile, D’Argtanan managed to get into the prison by getting in through the grating underwater which led to a well. He then knocked out a guard who was drawing water from a well. He proceeded to change behind a folding screen into the Spanish uniform. However, a woman came in to take a bath. He then interrupted her, and while she dressed behind the screen, he informed her of his name and mission. She then revealed that she was Lucie De Foix (Olivia Llewellyn), the General’s sister, and decided to help him out. As soon as they got to General De Foix’s cell, D’Artagnan held the governor, who was playing chess with De Foix, hostage and told them to wait for the other to come. However, the general warned him that soldiers came by every hour to check on him.

Outside, Aramis, Porthos, and Athos were allowed inside with their prisoner, Rochefort. They then managed to open De Foix’s cell door in time, as D’Artagnan was about to shoot the general, as per the king’s orders. Athos then decided that Lucie was to come with them, as the General refused to leave her behind. Before they proceeded, the General stopped Porthos. He believed that he had recognized him from somewhere. However, as the prison guards started to shoot at them, they decided to take Lucie’s advice to take the back entrance where supplies were brought in. As they went, Rochefort and Alvarez brought up the rear, and Rochefort advised him to play along for now.

They faced a basket with a zipline outside. It was their only way to the other side of the cliff with a river down below. While they shot at the Spanish guards, the General and Porthos managed to make it to the other side. D’Artagnan managed to reach the other side after he helped Lucie out as she had gotten stuck in the middle. Aramis went after with the governor, which left only Rochefort and Athos to fight off the Spanish guards. At a certain moment, Athos thought that Rochefort was going to shoot him. He had aimed his gun at him, but it turned out that he had been aiming at the men coming at him. The two then managed to get to the other side, before Porthos cut the rope. However, the General got hit at the back. Aramis was able to staunch the bleeding. Then they realized that they needed to get back to Paris immediately so that the General could receive proper treatment. Athos then thanked Rochefort for saving his life, as he had thought that Rochefort was going to shoot him.

While the Musketeers changed back into their uniforms, Rochefort tricked Alvarez into escaping so that he could kill him as Alvarez knew that Rochefort was a Spanish spy.

Back at court, Rochefort was honored and applauded as a hero. Because of this, the King rewarded him by asking him to be the Captain of the Red Guards, the position of the Cardinal before he had died, which he then accepted.

At the Captain’s quarters, Lucie informed D’Artagnan that she was afraid for him, her brother as his wound had been infected. After telling him that she was glad that he did not shoot her brother. She believed that he did not deserve to bear heavy guilt like that, she kissed him. This was seen by Constance, who had been sent by the queen who wanted to know how the General was doing. As Constance looked hurt, D’Artagnan confronted her and asked why she had chosen her husband, whom she did not love, over him. She then told him that she had done so because in doing that. Then she would have no security and wealth in life if D’Artagnan died in battle. It was especially as she knew that her family would cut her off if she got together with him. She also told him that she was just a woman in a world built for men. She told him that she could not risk losing everything. Because of this, he called her a coward.

Later that night, Aramis was summoned by the Bishop, who claimed that he had a message from the Cardinal. Athos and Aramis were then shown the gravestone of Adele Besette, Aramis’ old flame. He then learned that contrary to his belief, she had chosen him over the Cardinal, and because of this, he had killed her. The Bishop then warned Aramis that the Cardinal knew all of his secrets and would expose his sins from even beyond the grave. Because of this, Aramis began to fear that the Cardinal knew about the Queen and the true parentage of Adolpho. Athos then told him that this was more reason for him to stay away from the queen, especially as it seemed that all the women whom he truly loved dies.

At the captain’s quarters, the General told his old friend that he knew that he was dying. He then confirmed with him that Porthos was the son of Belgof, an old military friend of theirs. He told Treville that he was content to die with the knowledge that he did not kill Porthos. However, Treville refused to reveal to Porthos the secret of who his father really was. They had promised Porthos’ father that they would never reveal it to Porthos.

The next day, Treville heard the musketeers talking about the fact that his declining the position of being the Captain of the Red Guard was a mistake. The king and the country needed an honest man on the king’s council. Athos then told them that he had thought the world would be safer without the Cardinal, but know, he did not know if that still held true.

Later that day, Perales met up with Rochefort, who reassured him that he would soon drive a wedge between the King and the Queen. The news that would bring the country to its knees. Perales then warned him that he would be watching him very closely.

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