The Musketeers Recap: The Good Traitor

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The Musketeers Recap: The Good Traitor
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“The Musketeers” Season 2 Episode 3 “The Good Traitor” aired last Friday, Jan. 17, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on BBC One. The musketeers tried to save a disgraced Moorish Spanish General and his daughter while trying to obtain the formula for a new kind of gunpowder. Meanwhile, Milday de Winter (Mamie McCoy) ingratiated herself with the King, and Constance got into trouble for providing a common folk treatment for the ill Dauphin. Read on to learn more about this episode.

During the night, the Comte de Rochefort (Marc Warren) visited a prostitute whom he told to dress up like Queen Anne (Alexandra Dowling) so that he could continue his fantasy of her. 

Meanwhile, Musketeers D’artagnan (Luke Pasqualino) and Athos (Tom Burke) rescued Captain Treville (Hugo Speer), who was being held by the Moorish Spanish General Tariq Alaman (Colin Salmon), who told them that as he was being persecuted by his own country, he was willing to give some information to King Louis (Ryan Gage). He then demonstrated and showed that he was in possession of the formula of a new and improved fast-acting gunpowder in the form of a cipher. He then told them that in exchange for the cipher machine, they were to help him rescue his daughter, who had been kidnapped by the Spanish General Baltasar (Finbar Lynch), who used to be his lieutenant and who hated all Moors.

While this happened, Constance Bonacieux (Tamla Kari) discovered that the baby Dauphin was severely ill, and they immediately called for a doctor to treat him.

At court, the Spanish Ambassador Perales (Will Keen) denied any knowledge of Baltasar’s presence inside France and told them to hand over Tariq. However, as Perales believed that they were in possession of the cipher, he agreed to ask around about Baltasar and Tariq’s daughter, Samara (Antonia Thomas).

Inside the Dauphin’s room, the king became angry with Constance who questioned the learned doctor’s medicine, as it seemed to be too complicated for a young baby to handle.

Meanwhile, Milday de Winter (Mamie McCoy) made her way into the palace and spoke with the king, who was surprised to see her. He then managed to get her name and told her that her presence was a pleasant diversion. Even though she was told to leave, she managed to stay behind.

The Musketeers and the Captain then prepared to leave for the marketplace, where the exchange for Samara was going to happen. D’Artagnan remained suspicious of Tariq as he did not trust anyone because of what had happened to him and told them that the reason why his king had him arrested was because he refused to burn down a village full of innocent Moors. As they leave the palace, the king told Treville that no matter what happened, they need to have the cipher. They then learned that the Dauphin was ill, and because of this, Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) peeked inside the baby’s room, where the queen saw him and made eye contact with him.

Rochefort then met up with Perales and informed him that he had to stay away from the matter in order to win over the queen’s affections by staying at her side in her time of need.

 At the marketplace, Aramis was supposed to shoot Baltasar after Tariq handed over the fake cipher machine. However, he failed to do so after seeing a woman with a young baby pass by at that moment. Because of that, Porthos (Howard Charles) was shot in the leg by a crossbow arrow, and he and Samara were dragged away. Because of this, five innocent civilians died.

At Balatasar’s safe house, Samara refused to help Porthos after he tried to strangle her when she tried to help him and continued reading her book of poems, which actually contained the cipher machine itself. Later on, as Porthos could not bear it any longer, with Samara’s help, he was able to remove the arrow from his leg, which allowed them to have some sort of a weapon.

After learning that Porthos’ mother was African, she told him that France wasn’t really his home.

Back at the palace, the doctor decided to start using leeches on the baby as none of his treatments was working, even if Constance was still skeptical about the entire thing. Anne then ran out of the room, crying. She was then comforted by Rochefort, who told her that she was actually stronger than she thought she was.

At the musketeer headquarters, Tariq informed them that he did not really plan to give the formula to them as he didn’t have the formula — Samara did. He then asked them again for their help to retrieve Samara, the formula and Porthos. They then decided to play along with what Spanish wanted in order to figure out where Samara and Porthos were being held.

Back at the palace, Rochefort and Louis were surprised by Milady’s presence, as she had shown up once again at the king’s private quarters. Because of this, Louis decided to ask her to dine with him that night.

At the queen’s chambers, Rochefort comforted Anne, who was worried about her son. While doing so, he let slip the fact that he loved her. However, he covered it up by telling her that he loved her, the same way that any subject loves his queen.

Later on, Rochefort, Louis and the Musketeers met Perales and told him that they were handing Tariq over in exchange for Samara’s safety. Perales then agreed. Afterwards, Louis warned Treville to tread lightly and that they have to get the cipher no matter what.

Later that night, Constance took the Dauphin while everyone was sleeping and brought him to the laundry rooms of the city, as she believed that Dauphin’s lungs would clear with the steam produced in the room.

Meanwhile, Milady gave Louis back his ring and weaved a sob story that her English husband, a lord, had left her penniless. After praying together for the Dauphin, he kissed her, and they slept together under the dining table.

Meanwhile, D’Artagnan followed Tariq to Baltasar’s safe house, where Tariq was tortured by the General.

The next day, Margueritte (Charlotte Salt) woke to find the Dauphin missing and was hauled off to prison because of it. The Queen, who looked for her husband to tell him about the news, got a rude awakening after seeing that he had been under the dining table with a woman the entire night. Rochefort then remembered seeing Constance walking away from the palace the night beforehand and questioned her husband, who did not know where she was. They finally found them at the laundry room of the city.

After getting back to the palace, the king decided to have Constance executed. However, he stopped after learning from the doctor that Constance had single handedly cured the royal baby

Meanwhile, at the safe house, Tariq told them that he would give them what they wanted if they let Samara go. When the guard came to get them, Porthos held the guard hostage and tried to get them out of there. However, since Baltasar threatened to kill Tariq and because Porthos and Samara were outgunned, Porthos gave in. The other musketeers then arrived and managed to fight them off and were about to shoot Baltasar, when Perales intervened. He then agreed to return to Spain with the cipher machine as long as Samara would be safe. After getting her out of there, Treville and the musketeers strategized as how they could get the cipher back. However, before they could do anything else, Tariq, who had some extra gunpowder on him, blew up the house, the cipher and Baltasar up, much to the king’s displeasure.

Later that night, Samara visited Porthos at the headquarters of the musketeers, which he claimed was his home and told him that she was leaving for her home country, Morocco. She then gave him a gift — a book full of Arabic poetry. He then told her that Tariq was a great man and told her that she was lucky, as she still have memories of her father. 

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