The Musketeers Spoilers: Milday’s Possible Return and Three More Added to The Cast

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Musketeers Spoilers: Milday’s Possible Return and Three More Added to The Cast
The Musketeers

Even though the swashbuckling foursome won’t be gracing the small screen soon with all the fun, royal intrigue, and adventure that “The Musketeers” brings every season, for the actors and the creative team, this downtime is still a wonderful adventure, as new actors and actresses are brought in, and more adventures are being made off-screen in preparation for the third season of the swashbuckling adventure inspired by Alexander Dumas’ classic books. In line with this, it has recently been learned that an old favorite might be coming back, but will not be seen at the beginning of the season, and that several actors, portraying new characters that will deal with the foursome, will be joining the series, according to Digital Spy and Spoiler TV.  Read on to learn more about the upcoming season three of “The Musketeers.”

According to Digital Spy, Maimie McCoy, who portrays the ex-wife, and sometimes antagonist Milady de Winter, will not be seen during the first few episodes of the season due to a wonderful reason. She will not be returning for the first few episodes as she is currently pregnant, but according to a BBC spokesperson, they are talking to her about the possibility of her reprising her one of a kind character at a later date, and thus might appear in the latter half of the season.

However, fans of the show will be glad to know that, according to Spoiler TV, several actors have just been added, and have been filming on the set of “The Musketeers,” which, according to Digital Spy, is in Prague.

According to Spoiler TV, a good friend of Howard Charles, who portrays Porthos, Duran Fulton Brown will be featured in the second episode of the season, which is entitled “Hunger.” According to Spoiler TV, Duran will be portraying a character named Leon.

Also, it has been confirmed by actor Andy Linden’s agency, Polly’s Agency, on their official Twitter account, that the actor has begun filming at Prague for a yet unknown role for the show. He is most popularly known as the thief Mundungus Fletcher in the movie adaptation of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.”

Another actor who had been added to the series is Dan Parr, who has been filming in Prague since last month.

And that was all for the latest updates regarding the cast of BBC’s “The Musketeers.” For more news, updates, recaps and spoilers regarding “The Musketeers” and other television shows, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Catch “The Musketeers” when it returns for more excitement and adventure in 2016.

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