The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Fateful Fire

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Fateful Fire
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Another mystery to solve for “The Mysteries of Laura” Episode 12 “The Mystery of the Fateful Fire.” The case revolved around a burnt building, one casualty, Laura on vacation and Jake’s ex-girlfriend helping out on the case. Read below for the full recap.

The twins were having a winter craft party at school. Laura knew about this, but she wasn’t aware that she needed to design and make a booth, bake 200 snowman cookies, set up a game and make decorations in 48 hours. It was until a mom from the school came up to her in the coffee shop and started talking about the winter craft party. She asked Jake about this, and he said that she did sign them up for it. He would totally help her until Laura said that everything needs to be done in 48 hours. Taken aback, Jake said to just tell the committee that she can’t do it, but of course, that’s not Laura’s style. She asked Jake for a two-day vacation so she could focus on what needs to be done for the twins’ party at school.

A woman named Angela Ryan arrived at the precinct. She said that she’s investigating an arson, and Laura realized that Angela is actually Jake’s ex-girlfriend. Since she took two days off,she wouldn’t be around but told Max to keep her updated on Angela. Looks like someone’s jealous!

When Angela and Jake got to the apartment building, they investigated the casualty that was in the basement when the fire broke out. Laura suggested that they check out the basketball courts to find out the identity of the boy who died in the basement. She was right because they found out that the boy’s name is Kevin Park. He is a 17-year-old who ran away from home because his parents told him that he couldn’t play basketball anymore until his grades are better.

Meredith called a resident from the building in for questioning, Gloria. She said that she was in the basement doing the laundry when she smelled smoke. The good thing Gil was there to rescue her son, Shawn. Gloria was accusing her landlord, Grant, because he’s been trying to bully her to move out. They talked to Grant, but he had an alibi. They thought that Grant hired an arsonist to burn the building.

They found out that one of the residents there was actually an arsonist named Jasper. They took him in for questioning, but he said that he didn’t set the building on fire. He saw a tattooed man running away from the building when the fire broke out. Billy came to Laura to update her on the case, and Laura suggested that they check if Gloria has enemies because the fire was set right outside her apartment.

Gloria admitted that she once dated a man named Cliff who was violent and was now in jail. However, they found out that Cliff was already out of prison for a week already. They got Cliff, but he had an alibi.

Laura’s baking wasn’t going so well. She asked Tony for help, and he arrived with the cookies plus a bottle of wine. They talked about the case, and then Laura realized that Gil might be the one who set the building on fire. It might be because he wanted to be in the spotlight and be the hero again.

They took Gil for questioning, but he had an alibi. Laura watched the clip again and saw that Gil whispered something to Shawn, the boy he rescued. Jake and Angela thought that it was really Gil, but then Laura told them about the clip. That’s when everything came to light: Shawn was the one who set the building on fire. That’s when Gloria confessed that she left her boy alone at home because she was really out working because her babysitter ditched her.

To wrap up this episode, yes, Laura pulled off her decorations, cookies, game and booth at the winter craft party.

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