The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Frozen Foodie

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Frozen Foodie
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Our red-haired gorgeous detective is back, “The Mysteries of Laura” Season 1, Episode 11 “The Mystery of the Frozen Foodie” is just the right kind mystery to solve in such a cold weather. Read below for our full recap.

The episode kicked off with a frozen dead man in a dumpster and the cause of death is carbon monoxide. It means that the man named Peter, was frozen after he died. They found a lighter in his pocket with fingerprints on it that led them to Selena, a convicted felon. When they got to her they revealed the victim’s identity and had an alibi saying that the only reason, she has her fingerprints on his lighter, was because she asked to borrow it to light up her cigarette. She also told them that Peter was a chef at Alamede.

With another lead, Billy and Laura headed down to the restaurant and talked to its owner, JT Thompson. He told them that the freezer is broken. He had Peter wait for the dry ice delivery to come last night. They also found out that one of the cooks also stayed behind named Tony. So, they set off to find Tony and he had an alibi saying that during Peter’s death he was actually at a club.

When they got back to the police station without a potential suspect, Meredith gave them information that Peter had an argument with JT Thompson regarding what tablecloths to use in the restaurant. Surprisingly, Tony, one of the cooks dropped by at the police station with a raspberry tarte for Laura and flirted with her. He even asked her out on a date and Laura agreed, invited him to come over her place.

Meanwhile, they brought in JT for questioning. He admitted that he was the one who placed Peter’s body in the dumpster. He found his dead body in the freezer because he didn’t ant to shut down the kitchen, but he didn’t kill Peter. He mentioned Peter’s girlfriend, the psychotic one and that brought them back to Selena.

During Laura’s date, things were going so well when suddenly Jake walked in on them using the emergency key that she has given him. Laura was so pissed and told him that there was no emergency for him to barge in like that. Well, someone’s jealous.

The reason, why Jake barged in on them like that, is because they have a break in the case. They ran Peter’s phone bill and found out that he’s been dealing with a marijuana drug deal named Trenton. So, the next morning they went to Trenton’s and realized that there’s no marijuana there anymore but organic food. Trenton told them that he’s partners with Peter. They have a business venture together involving organic food, but Peter changed his mind and took all his money back.

Max discovered that Judith Hansen, a renowned food critic, has hired Peter to go to restaurants and taste all of the food for her. When they got to her she revealed that she lost her taste, which is why she hired Peter. They arrested her at first because Laura thought that she’s the one who killed him. Then she revealed that she would have never done such a thing and even told them that Peter bought a restaurant. So they set off to meet with Peter’s real estate broker. He told them that he did buy a restaurant. It took it back and bought a house instead for his pregnant girlfriend and when they got to that house they did find a crib in it.

Laura headed over to Tony’s food truck to ask about Peter’s girlfriend and the baby. Tony had no idea that Peter’s girlfriend is pregnant, in fact, he doesn’t even know who his girlfriend is. They made out and while they were at it Tony then mentioned that JT’s wife, Carmen has switched to pasteurized eggs and that lit a bulb inside Laura’s head. He rushed out to go to the restaurant and talk to JT’s wife.

It turns out that it was Carmen who killed Peter. She’s pregnant with Peter, but she doesn’t want to leave JT so she locked him inside the freezer.

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