The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Mobile Murder

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Mobile Murder
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The Mysteries of Laura” Season 1 Episode 8 “The Mystery of the Mobile Murder” opened with a man cleaning a party bus. He then heard a noise coming from the bathroom. When he checked, he saw a dead woman’s body.

In the precinct, Jake came in with the two kids to tell Laura that once again, their babysitter has quit. They got a call from the party bus, and he ordered Laura and Billy to check it out. However, before Laura left, Agent Alehandro Parillo stopped by and flirted with her. Jake saw the whole thing.

When Laura and Billy got to the bus, they found out that it was rented by a bunch of guys who just wants to have a good time. The bus guy told them that the guys went home around 12, and he picked some hot girls he saw on the street at a male strip club. They went over to the strip club, and one of the waiters remember the victim and told them that she looked kind of sad. One of the busboys saw Laura, and he made a run for it. However, Billy got to him.

Lyle, the busboy, told them that they stole the woman’s purse. When they checked it, there was no ID at all, but they found a pen from a local hotel. They went to the hotel, and they realized that there’s a convention going on for Garden & Glow that sells nature products to remain youthful. Margo Preston was on the stage and announced that the top seller with get a brand-new car and they noticed a photo of the victim as a top seller and found her name is Julie Campbell.

They talked next to Margo, but she said that she doesn’t know Julie that much. They talked to another sales representative, and she told them that Julie got in a fight with another seller named Danielle Bailey. Laura headed to Danielle, and she told her that they all went to a strip club, but Julie disappeared. She also told Laura that Julie sold all of her items to her sugar daddy in New Jersey for her to become a top seller.

Their next step was Julie’s invoiced. All of the invoices were mailed at a storage locker. Meredith and Billy went to the storage unit, and they were surprised to find out some illegal cock-fighting going on. They broke it, and when they got to the locker, they found all of the products there and the wall was covered in photos of Margo. There’s also a writing that says “The Lies Behind Garden & Glow.”

They learned the truth behind Julie’s identity. She’s actually a journalist who’s making a story on Margo to expose her. It turned out that her obsession ran deep because Margo ripped her mom off, and Julie’s out for revenge. They went to Margo, and she lawyered up and told them that Julie came to her the night of the murder. She told Julie about her mother. Margo admitted that she offered Julie some cash in exchange of her silence, but Julie didn’t take it. It turned out that there’s another person in the next room who heard the whole exchange, Heidi, who would do anything for Margo. She was the one who tracked Julie and killed her.

The episode ended with Laura taking the stage and telling the whole audience that Garden & Glow is a scam. Meanwhile, Jake and Alejandro were having some fight over Laura because Jake told Alejandro to stay away from her because he’s trying to change already, and she’s going to take him back. Alejandro put him on a bet for the Rock & Run competition. If Alejandro wins, he’s going to ask Laura for a date. Jake agreed, and he trained real hard. In the end, Jake’s precinct lost.

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