The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Red Runway

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Recap: The Mystery of the Red Runway
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Laura took over the fashion scene in “The Mysteries of Laura” Episode 6 “The Mystery of the Red Runway.” If you missed it, read the full recap below.

The episode started with Billy and Laura at a crime scene where a young man, Tyler Cole, has been shot. He wasn’t robbed, and he was only with a dog that has a name tag that says Greta. They head on over to his apartment to investigate, and there, they found out that he was a designer because of the many sketches and designs that were all scattered on his apartment. His roommate came, and he told them that he was a personal assistant for the designer Tom Burke. They found out that the dog is owned by Tom Burke.

With another lead, they went over to Tom Burke’s place, and he was devastated to find out that his personal assistant who worked for him for more than a year is now dead. They asked what Tyler was doing with his dog, and he said that it’s fashion week, and there were plenty of things to be done. In fact, he was on a rush to get out because he has an appointment to go to. When he was putting on his coat, Laura noticed the coat was similar to what Tyler was wearing. It dawned on her that whoever killed Tyler was actually aiming for Tom Burke.

With this, they brought Tom to the station for further questioning, and he said that he can’t think of anyone who wants to kill him. The most recent person he had gotten into a fight with was a model named Natalie Marquez because she cancelled her contract abruptly. They went to the fashion show to talk to Natalie, but they were led to Allison Torres instead because Tom didn’t deliver her three dresses that she was supposed to wear during the Oscars.

Laura needed to pick up his children, so the task was left to Jake and Billy. They went to a photo shoot where Allison Torres was and laughed at the thought that she killed him over a couple of dresses. During the interrogation, a man quickly left the photo shoot, but Billy picked on that right away and chased him. He was able to get to him, and they found out that he has a gun and that gun was the one used to murder Tyler.

They told Tom that it was Allison’s bodyguard who killed Tyler, and they thought that she will try to kill him again. However, Tom didn't seem to be very shaken about that because he needs to go to a Fashion Week Charity Gala. Billy and Laura volunteered themselves to accompany the designer and to ensure his safety. Laura got made over. During the party, they met a lot of people.

Tom left the event, and the two followed him right away. He confessed that he was so sad due to the death of his assistant, but then Tom got shot. They immediately brought him to the hospital. Luckily, the shot was just shallow, and he will live. Allison was there, crying hysterically, which made Laura rule her out as suspect. This only means that they have to dig deeper to get to the bottom of this case.

The next day, Laura has another theory on mind due to the knock off items found at Tyler’s apartment. She thought that she might be involved with it, so Billy went to Canal Street to talk to a man selling Tom Burke’s knock-offs. The man told them where they got them. They got to a sweat shop and saw Tyler’s designs. They talked to a woman named Gabriela that Laura met at the gala the other night because she runs an anti-counterfeit campaign. Laura noticed her receiving mysterious shipment from the sweat shop where they found the Tory Burke knock-offs.

Having no strong evidence, they went back to Tyler’s apartment. While they were going through his stuff, they got a call from Max who was able to trace the cash going in and out of the factory. It was revealed that the factory has been transferring thousands of dollars to Tom Burke’s account.

In the end, it was actually Tom Burke who killed his assistant Tyler, and the whole Charity Gala thing was only a setup to cover up the murder. He killed his assistant when Tyler got mad at him for stealing his designs.

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