The NCAA & Penn State Are the World’s Worst in Sports [WATCH VIDEO]

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
The NCAA & Penn State Are the World’s Worst in Sports [WATCH VIDEO]
Keith Olbermann

Hell hath no fury for a scorned Keith Olbermann.

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann went on a rampage and called out the Penn State and NCAA for selling out and approving the reinstatement of the university’s victories in football matches that were previously taken off the record in the repercussion of the sex abuse scandal that involved his assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. In the deal, it effectively expunges the authority verdict signed by Penn State in 2012 that confined the scholarships focused on football, gave them a ban post-season for multiple years and eventually the removal of Joe Paterno as head coach in the Division I history as the coach with the most wins of all time. The agreement also includes spending the fine of $60 million against child abuse only on the state of Pennsylvania.

In his show, Olbermann was clearly not impressed with how the NCAA and Penn State arrived at the agreement. Olbermann, a former political commentator for MSNBC, blasted the NCAA and Penn State and tagged them as his “World’s Person in Sports” in his “World’s Worst” segment. He further said that the two institutions made things worse by looking for another way to make the child abuse scandal even more repulsive. Olbermann also reiterated why the NCAA and Penn State are the “Worst Persons” for apparently only thinking of the restoration of Paterno’s winning legacy while expediently erasing the reason why there was so much public outrage at the incident and the lack of responsibility from the coaching staff.

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