The Newsroom Season 3 Finale Recap: What Kind of Day Has It Been

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Newsroom Season 3 Finale Recap: What Kind of Day Has It Been
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The Newsroom” Season 3 has finally took a bow and has drawn its curtains in Episode 6 “What Kind of Day Has It Been.” Read on for the recap of the show's finale.

The death of Charlie Skinner was indeed a shocker, and Adam Sorkin used this final episode to take viewers down memory lane. There were flashbacks on Charlie and Will McAvoy, where we gained a deeper perspective on their relationship. Then we had the time when Charlie hired MacKenzie McHale as the executive producer of the show.

Basically, this finale revolved around Charlie’s funeral, and one of the best things that Sorkin did was that he set off his characters on different paths, not just wrapping them up. Viewers were able to internalize that these characters were off to pursue bigger and greater things, not just to get stuck in where they are right now.

Some examples would be Maggie who got offered Charlie’s position, and Neal Sampat who promised to rebuild their website into a better news source that will gain the respects they once earned. Then there was the Wall Street issue that happened among Sloan, Don and Will.

Overall, this episode ended pretty well, and it wrapped up with a song that Will once heard Charlie play “That’s How I Got to Memphis” by Tom T. Hall. If you have been watching “The Newsroom” religiously, then this episode wrapped up the show profoundly.

Sorkin may have gained a lot of critics, but the show ended with quite a bang.

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