The Newsroom Season 3 Recap: Oh Shenandoah

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Newsroom Season 3 Recap: Oh Shenandoah
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The latest episode of “The Newsroom” Season 3, Episode 5 “Oh Shenandoah,” tackled rape, which was a very sensitive topic. Charlie forced Don to report a rape that happened inside the campus, and he also forced Don to get the accuser and the accused interviewed in the studio. With the task given to him, Don met up with Mary, the accuser, in her dorm room, which made Don uncomfortable. Nevertheless, Mary spoke about the time that she was raped, but no one was held responsible for it. To express her vengeance, she built her own website that caters to unreported rapes.

Learning about this, Don pleaded that she stop the operation of her website because she will definitely get attacked by the media, as well as netizens. Mary was still willing to do the interview but Don told Charlie a different story that he couldn’t find her.

Meanwhile, Will got out of prison after we learned that he’s inmate there was a friend way back. Charlie, on the other hand, has gone completely nuts. And with Pruit in charge of ACN now, it looks like something that he couldn’t totally handle. When Will got out of prison after 52 days, Mac informed him that his mentor has passed away. So yeah, we bid goodbye to Charlie in this episode. This leaves ACN’s fate on Pruit’s hands.

And we are left with one more episode before the season wraps up.

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