The Newsroom Season 3 Recap: Run

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Newsroom Season 3 Recap: Run
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Neil was almost at the brink of going to jail because, according to Rebecca, the lawyer, he’s committed espionage. There’s also the thing with the twins who have plans to take over the company, and Maggie got an interesting story to cover. Read on for the full recap of “The Newsroom” Season 3,Episode 2 “Run.”

Will accompanied Neal to talk to the lawyer regarding the crime that he’s committed. Neal told them the story on how someone contacted him and how he got the information through the use of a flash drive as instructed by his source. Rebecca told him that his crime is espionage, and he will be sent to jail right away. Moreover, she told him not to run the story, never make arrangements with the source again and just let things go. Neal wasn’t up for this because he wants people to know the truth.

Mack came in the meeting and told them that no journalist has ever been charged by the FBI for espionage, and the worst that he could get is contempt. And that means he only gets to spend 10 or more days in jail. Mack told them that they need to unveil the story, while Rebecca and Will weren’t up for this idea because they’re looking out for Neal.

Meanwhile, Maggie was on the train when she saw an EPA official talking on the phone. She picked this up as a good story right away and took the seat right next to the man and recorded their whole conversation. A young man seated in front of him also helped him get her story. Later on, she got freaked out and told the man that she won’t run what she heard. The man wanted to trade her for another story in exchange that she forgets what she heard. Maggie told her that she would let it go. However, it turned out that the man who helped her execute her move is a law professor and was flirting with her all throughout the ride. When they reached their destination, the EPA official offered her an official interview, and Maggie gave her number to her and the law professor.

Hallie got fired due to lapse of judgment. She admitted to Jim when she tweeted using Neal’s handle. She wrote: “Boston Marathon republicans rejoice that there’s finally a national tragedy that doesn’t involve guns.” She deleted it after 27 minutes, but some websites have picked it up already.

Reese met up with the twins Randy and Blaire, but the twins got another offer from Leona who offered a much higher bid. Reese said that they don’t have that amount of money, and Leona told her to get her that money.

When the FBI searched the newsroom, they found out that Neal’s source is more dangerous than they thought. Will also revealed that he knows the name of the source. The episode ended when we saw Neal making a run for it after he got a note from Will that says “Neal, run.” And he destroyed his phone.

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