The Night Shift Season 1 Recap: Blood Brothers

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Night Shift Season 1 Recap: Blood Brothers
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Previously on “The Night Shift” Season 1 Episode 7 “Blood Brothers,” things got so intense, and gunmen and hostages were involved. Uh-oh. Read on for the full recap of the latest episode of “The Night Shift.”

“Blood Brothers” opened with a guy who walked in on an MRI procedure. He suddenly hit TC with his gun and demanded that they get the patient to talk. We go back three hours earlier when TC and Topher went out to a crash site, and we saw TC having flashbacks on the way about the death of his brother. When they got to the scene, they found the pilot dead, but there was one survivor though. They talked to the survivor, and he told them that they were on a golf trip, but TC apparently found drugs hidden in his pocket.

When they got to the hospital, a DEA agent was waiting for them, and the agent took the drugs and demanded to speak to the man, but they coyldn’t let him, as Topher and TC were busy working on the man. However, the agent was so panicky, and he made a phone call to someone about the patient. It turned out that the DEA agent wasn’t a real DEA agent, but he’s the man who walked in the MRI procedure of the survivor.

We return to the opening scene wherein the fake DEA agent was pointing his gun at TC. TC and Topher told him to go away, but things got worse when he shot and killed Dwayne. This left TC and Topher trapped inside the MRI room with the fake DEA agent who’s looking for his money. Both of them explained that the patient needed to undergo surgery, but the man didn’t care.

Jordan went looking for TC and Topher, but she got pulled into the room, especially that the gunman was getting more agitated than usual. Security finally figured out what was happening and informed Ragosa about it. Ragosa then called in the SWAT team and told Drew what’s going on. The ER was so busy due to incoming patients from a chemical fire, so he put Drew in charge. After this, Ragosa had to inform everyone what was going on, so he made a speech in front of his staff. After this, he went to see the SWAT team to know the plan.

The man tried to take Jordan as his hostage to be able to leave the scene, but the SWAT immediately dropped a flash grenade. TC protected Jordan and attacked the gunman. The moment that the smoke cleared, they were surprised to find Topher seriously injured.

Meanwhile, a stripper named Candy came to the ER because she fell off the pole and hurt her back. Of course, Paul was to the rescue and volunteered to be her doctor. The stripper was fine and was set to leave when Paul offered her money to help herwith sex because he’s a virgin and needs advice on sex. While Paul was talking to Candy, Candy was giving him a lap dance while she talked about sex. Then suddenly, she started to stutter and collapsed on his lap. Drew and Kenny came in to help. The stripper was having a stroke.

Krista had a patient who swallowed a fork, and she managed to get the fork out of her. She got so concerned because she saw bulimia signs on her patient. She was very sympathetic to her because she too had once fought with bulimia. Krista old her patient that she would get her help, but the patient’s parents refused, and this upset the girl that she swallowed a scalpel.

We also saw flashbacks of TC’s life in Afghanistan with his brother and Topher. We saw him talking to Topher on how he’s planning to ask Jordan to marry him, but suddenly, a bomb exploded in the area.

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