The Night Shift Season 1 Recap: Episode 5 Storm Watch

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Night Shift Season 1 Recap: Episode 5 Storm Watch
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In the latest episode of “The Night Shift” Season 1 Episode 5 “Storm Watch,” which aired on June 24, 2014, a storm brewed over San Antonio and it had such a huge impact on the people who work the night shift at the hospital. Read on for “The Night Shift” Season 1 recap of Episode 5 “Storm Watch.”

Everything seemed normal at San Antonio Memorial but Ragosa had other matters to take care of. He was showing Scott around the hospital to draw him in as head of the trauma unit but Scott wasn’t sold as well as Jordan.

Meanwhile, Topher had his vasectomy but TC wanted Topher to work the night to help out on rescue work due to the storm. Since TC needed some extra hands for some extra work, he had no choice but to work with Scott and this is where we saw how they worked as a team. During their rescue work, a house collapsed around them and they were able to operate well together to save a woman and her son from the house.

In the hospital, a man with a knife sticking out of his chest was walking around looking for Landry and refused to be treated until he sees Landry. It turns out that he’s the father of Landry and he even came across Topher and asked him how much Landry is making. Landry’s dad refused to leave the hospital and this made Landry so uncomfortable. After a while, Landry confronted her father for hanging around the hospital and she was right, her dad was there for money and requested that she gives him $5,000. This made her very angry and she lashed out in the hospital.

So much for the harmonious teamwork happening between TC and Scott, it was cut short when they battled over accompanying a woman to surgery and this made Scott think bad of TC.

Topher’s wife was unfortunately, in labor and to make matters worse, she was on the side of the road and was about to give birth with their daughter. As Topher heads out into the storm to go to his wife, he was talking to his daughter all long, guiding her through delivering a baby. Topher and her daughter, Lynn, were able to deliver one baby girl in the car and they even cut the cord together. Another baby is about to get out but the baby’s feet are the first to come out.

Things got hotter at Memorial as the night progressed when Krista kissed Drew because she wanted to fend off the woman who apparently, is after Drew. However, we know Drew is gay and that kiss did not change his mind.

Paul wasn’t so thorough when it comes to checking a certain patient, an African American woman who almost died from a heart attack. After lashing out in anger, Landry told TC that they are better off as friends.

As for Landry, after an argument with her father, Ragosa offered to lend her the money to give to her father while Topher was able to deliver his second baby in the hospital successfully. And to end the episode, Ragosa announced Scott as the new head of Trauma.

And that’s “The Night Shift” Season 1 recap of Episode 5 “Storm Watch.” What did you think of this episode? Share with us your thoughts by posting your comments below! For the latest news, recaps and spoilers on “The Night Shift” and other TV series as well as entertainment news, catch it here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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