‘The Odd Couple’ Nabs Lauren Graham As Guest

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
‘The Odd Couple’ Nabs Lauren Graham As Guest
Lauren Graham at the Paleyfest 2013: Parenthood. March 7, 2013. Wikimedia Commons/Lauren Graham/Genevieve

Matthew Perry will be reunited with an old flame as his upcoming show “The Odd Couple” has booked former real-life girlfriend Lauren Graham as a guest. Read on for the details to this news item.

According to USA Today, Lauren Graham (“Parenthood”) will be guest starring in “The Odd Couple,” a comedy series revival produced and written by Matthew Perry for CBS. The actress will play the role of Perry’s character’s ex-wife, Gaby, a role which many say is something Graham is familiar with, as the two actors apparently dated in the past in real life.

But while the relationship between their characters in “The Odd Couple” has been described as contentious and antagonistic, thus leading to the divorce, Graham and Perry have remained good friends even after their romantic relationship ended.

In fact, this is not the first time Graham has guest starred on her ex-boyfriend’s show as she has also appeared on Perry’s previous TV series like “Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip” and “Go On.”

Graham is best known for her role as Lorelei Gilmore in the mother-daughter drama “Gilmore Girls.” She is currently in the cast of “Parenthood,” which is on its last season on NBC. Her “The Odd Couple” appearance will most likely be her first gig after the end of her own series.  

Perry is rebooting the 1970s sitcom “The Odd Couple,” which has been adapted from the 1965 play by Neil Simon. The actor has expressed in the past that he is a huge fan of the movie version with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. He will play Oscar Madison in the series, with Thomas Lennon playing Felix Ungar. The show is set to premiere on CBS in 2015.

After Graham and Perry broke up, Perry was said to be dating Lizzy Caplan (“Masters of Sex”) until 2012. Graham, meanwhile, is in a relationship with her “Parenthood” co-star Peter Krause. The two play siblings in the series.

And that’s the latest update for “The Odd Couple,” which has just cast actress Lauren Graham for a guest spot. Catch the show on CBS when it premieres this midseason. In the meantime, keep checking back to Movie News Guide (MNG) for updates about the series, as we will be bringing you the news when it comes.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Lauren Graham/Genevieve

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