The Odd Life of Timothy Green has a Couple of Loose Ends

By admin | 5 years ago

The Odd Life of Timothy GreenOdd is the right word to describe The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Jim (Joel Edgerton) and Cindy (Jennifer Garner) can’t conceive a child on their own. As part of their therapy to make them accept the reality, they are asked to write a profile of their ideal offspring.

They bury the wish list in a box in the backyard. Then a storm comes in the evening and the next morning, a 10 year old boy grows in their garden. Timothy (CJ Adams) walks into the couple’s house and he is accepted by Jim and Cindy as their own.

The plot sounds like one for a horror movie but it is not the case. The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a family flick with a G-rating. It is weird and the viewers need to have an open mind to enjoy it. They must be able to see pass the loose ends that keep on popping up all throughout the movie.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green has its moments. But there are some things missing from it. It has all the right intentions but it sort of didn’t work out well. Disney made it to be a heartfelt family movie where a mysterious boy brings people together and change their lives for the better.

Being a fantasy movie, the couple readily accepts Timothy Green right away. They didn’t question where he was from or what he is. It also features uninspired plot developments about pencils instead of something more larger than life or a heartfelt storyline.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green goes for stereotypical characters as well as predictable dramatic moments. It loses a bit of warmth and emotion in order for it to work well. But despite all of the problems the movie has, it is a light movie for the family. Its cuteness will make it a hit for the young ones.

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