The Originals Season 4 Updates: Show’s Future Endangered Due to Cami and Davina’s Death

By Manjira Basu | 1 year ago
The Originals Season 4 Updates: Show’s Future Endangered Due to Cami and Davina’s Death

It has always been difficult for The Originals fans to decide who is a better partner for Klaus Mikaelson, Caroline or Camille. Because the all-powerful tyrant vampire has been so sincere in his emotions for both. But after Caroline moved on with Tyler, Camille ruled as Klaus’s lady love for three seasons of The Originals. Till she met a brutal death at the end of last season.

Leah Pipes had won innumerable hearts as the powerful human who stood up to Klaus fearlessly and impacted him immeasurably. Naturally, the show’s viewership dropped when her character ended along with that of Danielle Campbell.

Although Danielle Campbell’s Davina has a chance of returning to the series, Pipes declared Cami will not return to life.

“Often times, it’s oddly better to die than stick around and do nothing on a television show,” Entertainment Weekly quoted Pipes saying. “So to avoid me being stuck on a show and doing nothing, he gave me a really great storyline, a really great arc, and a really great death.”

But here the audience appear to differ from Pipes. For fans Cami and Davina had been like strong and popular idols, two characters to look up to in the show. And their tragic plight has had a major impact on the show. Reduced viewership has jeopardized the show’s future such that it may now be cancelled or moved to another channel.

Rumors have arisen that Klaus may find a new love interest in The Originals Season 4. If Julie Plec plans to wrap up the show Season 4, then Klaus’ new love would not make much of a difference. Considering Caroline will probably reunite with Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries, she will not end up with Klaus either.

The Mikaelson family’s situation is only going to get more complicated in Season 4, as the team has hinted. Klaus Mikaelson had found comfort only in one person throughout the series. And now that the person is no more, his complete life is in chaos.

The show would only do well to continue with and salvage the story, putting everything in order as the vampire almighty Klaus Mikaelson so perfectly does. It has too many untied ends to wrap up in thirteen episodes. With a stronger plot, The Originals can again retrieve its huge fan following. Fans can chip in their comments on the show’s future below.

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