The Other Son is a Mess

By admin | 6 years ago

The Other Son is a French movie about two boys who finds out that they were switch at birth during the first Gulf War. To make matters worse, their families come from different religious and political backgrounds. One is Palestinian and the other Israeli.The Other Son is a Mess

The two families meet in an awkward manner. This is done early in The Other Son. It tackles the political differences of the two companies but most of the time the movie is about the relationship of the two sons. It shows how they co-exist with their extended family.

With its premise, people expect The Other Son to have gripping and emotional scenes. Yes, there are some but their delivery is so flat considering the issue at hand. The movie doesn’t engross the viewer and its 105 minute runtime feels a bit long. It is boring and you’ll find yourself checking your clock most of the time.

This is not the fault of the cast members, who all give solid acting throughout the movie. Each performer delivers spot-on action. The Other Son is a combination of a coming-of-age movie with a political background. When combined with good performances, it could have been a compelling flick.

But The Other Son lacks in the focus of the screenplay as well as in the development of the characters. You don’t know where the director wants the story to go to. The filmmakers fail in presenting the current physical environment of the two families.

The Other Son features dialogues in French, Arabic and English. This means that you need to deal with the subtitles. This is bad news for people who don’t want to read during a movie. In the beginning, the movie gets your interest but as it progresses it slowly loosen its grip on you. The story of the two boys doesn’t do justice with the subject matter presented in the opening.

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