The Place Beyond the Pines Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

The Place Beyond the PinesThe Place Beyond the Pines is a movie that takes place for decades. One story is connected to the next one and it connects to another. Director Derek Cianfrance takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster with the movie.

Ryan Gosling delivers a spectacular performance as the motorcycle stunt driver, Luke. Cinematographer Sean Bobbitt does a good job in Luke’s first scene in the movie. He follows the stunt driver from his trailer to the Globe of Death and rides his motorcycle inside it. S

During a stop in Schenectady, New York, Luke meets up with Romina (Eva Mendes), and he learns that their one night stand has resulted to a son, Jason. Luke is surprised with the revelation. After he has recuperated from the initial trauma of the announcement, he says he wants to be a responsible father.

Gosling and Mendes make the scenes light. They are funny and touching at the same time. But life as a mechanic is nothing compared with the thrill he gets out of robbing banks. Luke is helped by his partner and they escape via his motorcycle.

Avery (Bradley Cooper) is a rookie cop who has an encounter with Luke. He gets hurt from it and he becomes a local hero. He also has his own father issues. He wants the best for his wife Jennifer (Rose Bryne) and their son AJ.

But Avery can’t get out of his father’s shadow, who is a judge played by Harris Yulin, as well as boss on the force, a corrupt detective played by Ray Liotta. Avery is connected with Luke and this is one of the twists in The Place Beyond the Pines.

Then the movie goes 15 years to the future to focus on the sons. AJ (Emory Cohen) and Jason (Dane DeHaan) are interconnected in a lot of ways. DeHaan has a bright future in the industry and this is evident with his performance in The Place Beyond the Pines.

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