The Raven Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

The Raven MovieThe Raven is based on Edgar Allan Poe’s poem. It is about a serial killer who commits his crime to the tune of the poet’s words. Yet the movie is dull and not entertaining. It feels like the people involved in making the flick were not interested with the project.

John Cusack might be the exception. As the lead in The Raven, he tries his best but his best might be a little too much. His intensity is unmatched by the other members of the cast. The story and acting are incomparable with the looks of the movie.

The picture of The Raven is crisp and the cinematography is very good. The costumes belong to the era where the movie took place. Everything in The Raven is spectacular except for its and performances of the cast members.

The Raven features a lot of CGI blood. This is not a bad thing if done right but this is not the case in this movie. The amount of blood on the screen is not always connected to what’s happening in the story. There are some scenes in the film that could have been better with less CGI. The tone is dark and yet the violence feels something from animated feature.

The Raven doesn’t have a decent twist that would grip the audiences until the end. John Cusack tried so hard to carry the movie by himself. The visuals also good but the story is just below par. It is not something that Edgar Allan Poe would want to be associated with if he’s still alive today.

After a while, The Raven becomes tedious to watch. It becomes formulaic and doesn’t build up the tension. It is not a horrible movie but it is not something that will linger in your head after watching it.

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