The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Recap: Kandi’s Sex Party Gone Wild

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Recap: Kandi’s Sex Party Gone Wild
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A new conflict pops up in the new episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 7 Episode 9 “50 Shades of Shade,” which aired last Jan. 4, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on Bravo. In this episode, Cynthia and Peter look for a new business location, “Kandi Koated Nights” is back, Phaedra wants to electrocute unwanted people and Kandi’s sex party is a gathering you do not want to miss.

The episode kicks off with Cynthia and Peter entering an old and worn-out building to look for a new business space. Cynthia opens up about people talking trash behind her back for financing Peter’s business. She does not care because he is her husband, and her money “is his money.” The couple eventually finds out that the vacant lot of the building is messy. The most interesting part is the building next to it was a funeral home where Martin Luther King’s body was laying before he was buried, according to the property owner. However, she loves the whole building. She can see that if the place will be fixed, it will be a cool place.

Meanwhile, Kandi meets Claudia for a business meeting. She invites the new girl to be the guest star on the comeback of her online show “Kandi Koated Nights.” Claudia directly accepts the invitation because she believes she is “painfully honest.” She is also a fan of the show. Kandi tests her by asking if she is good at oral sex. Claudia says it depends if she likes the guy. Kandi is having so much fun with Claudia’s bluntness about sex.

While Apollo is in his mandatory vacation, Phaedra is worried that it will only be her and the kids inside the house. So she talks with three men who will make a gate for her to prohibit access from unwanted people. She tells them that she wants a gate with an “electrical shock something.” The three men look horrified. One gate designer says that it is impossible. Apollo suddenly arrives. Phaedra puts on her indifferent attitude towards him and tells the contractors that she just wants the kids in and “the crazies out.” Apollo thinks nobody respects him in the house.

Kenya is with her Aunt Lori to have an organic facial care in a spa. She thinks it is always better to go natural. She even agrees with her aunt that botox is unnecessary unless “you look like NeNe.” Aunt Lori describes her comment as “shady,” but Kenya insists that NeNe is open about her cosmetic surgeries and artificial enhancements.

Talking about NeNe, she is opening a lot of gifts and mails from fans and friends. She shares that she has a bad habit of hoarding presents because she does not have the time. Her husband Gregg scolds her for that. Suddenly, she receives a phone call from her manager Steven. He tells her that she has three offers in Broadway. The last offer is his favorite. NeNe is offered to be Cinderella’s wicked stepmother. She does not think she is perfect for the role. However, Steven insists that it will be a new version of “Cinderella,” which is exciting and interesting. Gregg just keeps on applauding beside NeNe.

Meawhile, Kandi is in the new set of “Kandi Koated Nights.” She starts the show by introducing her co-hosts DJ A One and Nikki Nicole. The topic of the night is business vs. pleasure. After Kandi’s introduction, Claudia is welcomed to the set. The first question for Claudia is “Is it true that you gave him [Jamie Foxx] head?” After gulping a glass of liquor, she answers that never slept with Foxx because he treated her like his “little sister.” To end the show, Kandi introduces a fun game entitled “What Would You Do for the Right Price.” She asks Claudia if what she would do for $500. She is surprised that the first choice is “to french-kiss Kandi.” She insists she did not make the script. After Kandi gave the three choices, Claudia still chooses kissing her.

Kandi is having a busy week because she also hosts a sex party. She invites women over to talk about sex and relationships. The guests are surprised with the lingerie-clad woman lying on the table, surrounded by food. It is Kandi’s unique design to capture the night.

While the guests are mingling with each other, NeNe arrives. Kenya is going to kiss her, but NeNe backs away. She decides she had enough of NeNe and does not have the time and bigger lips to “kiss NeNe’s ass.” NeNe also puts on a strong attitude with Claudia, saying that she met her before yet ignoring her completely. Claudia tells NeNe that she wants to talk to her about her cold attitude. NeNe defends she was just “being NeNe” and does not want to associate with people who are friends with her enemies.

Finally, Kandi is starting the party by introducing Dr. Rachael Ross, a sexologist. Dr. Ross spices up the party by presenting a game called “Bondage Game.” She wants to choose a pair that has a certain conflict to bring them closer. NeNe and Cynthia is the first couple chosen. NeNe rejects it completely, which surprises Cynthia. Cynthia thought they were already friends but gets tired thinking about it. Instead, Kandi wants Claudia to sit next to NeNe. NeNe still has her negative vibe with Claudia. Both start to pretend as if they are having a nice conversation. Kandi and Kenya’s bondage game breaks the ice, and NeNe starts to laugh with everybody. She even tells Claudia that it is okay if she straddles her.

The next part of the party is to have each woman talk about their relationships. The tension starts when Kandi’s friend Gocha tells Cynthia’s friend Demetria McKinney that she dated Roger Bobb. She also says that Bobb only referred to Demetria as his artist. Kandi tries to break the tension by making Kenya share next. However, Demetria walks out.

Outside, Cynthia manages to catch up Demetria. She asks if she believes the girl. Demetria denies believing it because she does not know the girl and she “knows” Bobb.

Back to the sex party, the women still continue having fun. Kandi thinks it was a successful party despite the drawbacks.

Is Demetria McKinney going to break up with Roger Bobb? What is next with Claudia and NeNe’s cold relationship? Catch the next episode on Jan. 11, 2015.

There you have it for the recap on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 7 Episode 9 “50 Shades of Shade,” which aired last Jan. 4, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on Bravo. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Candicejackson1

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