The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Recap: Kenya Breaks Down

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Recap: Kenya Breaks Down
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Tension between ex-friends arises in the new episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 7 Episode 4 “Bury the Ratchet.” In this episode, Don Juan fires up as Todd criticizes his work performance, Claudia shivers from Porsha’s cold shoulder, and Kenya breaks down crying about something Kandi said.

The episode kicks off with Kandi and Todd talking inside the office. Kandi mentions casually that she feels there is a lot of stuff to do but nothing is achieved. She slowly realizes she has people in her payroll yet nothing is done.

 Claudia finishes early in her radio program and spots Porsha outside the radio booth. Porsha is having her makeup done for her show. Claudia keeps on initiating a conversation, but Porsha makes herself busy with makeup. Claudia is confused about Porsha’s cold attitude when in her first day at work, she was friendly to her. Claudia finally concludes that Porsha must have known she is friends with Kenya.

Kandi and Todd head to the employees’ lounge and start a meeting. Kandi starts the tension by pointing at Don Juan and saying, “I don’t feel we have our best use of you.” As the discussion continues, Don Juan starts eyeing Todd as the one who pushed Kandi in saying those things.

Nene, Porsha, Kandi and Phaedra hang out in a spa to relax from the drama. They backstab their ex-BFFs with their physical appearances before getting serious about Nene’s intense friendship with Cynthia in the past. Nene, with finality, says, “I’m never gonna be friends with her again. Ever.” Their conversation shifts to Kenya and Apollo drama, with Nene saying Apollo did not tell the truth in admitting he lied about Kenya wanting to sleep with him to infuriate his wife Phaedra. Kandi thinks the girls just hate Kenya because she cannot see the point why Apollo would lie about lying.

Apollo meets Peter in a bar, confessing he is freaking out about his looming eight years in prison and dysfunctional relationship with Phaedra. Apollo stops the drama and jokes dangerously, “You think she’s [Kenya] going to come see me?”

In a restaurant, Claudia meets with Porsha in an attempt to settle their differences. Porsha keeps on denying that her cold attitude is not personal; it is pure business. When Claudia finally opens up about Kenya, Porsha keeps on changing the topic until Claudia gives up asking.

Don Juan, clearly disturbed by the confrontation about his work, goes to Kandi’s office. He says Kandi just said what she just said because of her husband’s opinion. He slowly gets wrapped up in his anger when he points out his sacrifices for the company and thinks he does not deserve being criticized.

Todd calls Don Juan in his office after Kandi mentioned his outburst to Todd. Don Juan gets angrier as the confrontation continues. He thinks he does not deserve Todd’s criticism because he has more experience with Kandi’s business than Todd. He slowly gets calm after Todd says he has the potential to be a manager. He just needs to divide the tasks well among his team so it will not always be his sacrifice. In the end, both of them brush the tension away and shake hands to settle their issue.

Kandi is expecting to see Kenya in the boxing workout. While doing the workout, Kandi apologizes to Kenya for not believing in her totally. However, she believes Kenya is more than what the other housewives think. Kenya is pleased to hear that. But when Kandi mentions the other girls do not think Apollo was telling the truth about lying, Kenya explodes.  She thinks all of the issues were too much, and none of them is true. She cries in the bathroom, and Kandi keeps on comforting her.

“They want me to be painted as this crazy, horrible person. They want that. Why?” Kenya said as she goes out of the gym.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Candicejackson1



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