The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Recap: NeNe Still Loves Cynthia

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Recap: NeNe Still Loves Cynthia
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It seems to be a rollercoaster ride in the new episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 7 Episode 6 “Make-ups and Breakdowns,” which aired last Dec. 14, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on Bravo. In this episode, NeNe and Cynthia are kind of together again, Kandi dreads facing Todd’s mother, Cynthia has the spotlight in New York Fashion Week and Sharon Tucker threatens to punch Kandi’s mother.

NeNe continues to express her frustrations and disappointments with Cynthia. Kandi tells NeNe to calm down. NeNe announces that she will compose herself outside for a few minutes. Behind the scenes, she says she wants Cynthia to understand that she hurt her. She was shocked and appalled at Cynthia’s behavior of trying to blindside her in front of people who do not even care if they are friends or not.

NeNe returns and wipes her tears. Phaedra thinks she have never seen NeNe so emotional. She tells the other housewives to leave NeNe and Cynthia to talk privately.

Cynthia thinks their conflict started when NeNe called Peter the B word. She tells NeNe that what she did to her husband was disrespectful. She stresses that she will never do the same thing to Gregg.

NeNe backfires that she was shocked that Cynthia got mad at her without warning. She tells Cynthia she should have asked her to talk about it in private. She does not like Cynthia bringing up the topic in front of people.

The other housewives talk at the other side of the restaurant. They are all surprised. They did not expect tears coming. Phaedra hopes Jesus will fix it. She decides they must go home.

Cynthia tells NeNe she just wanted respect. NeNe thinks she should have been told because she will definitely apologize. She could have changed some things to continue their friendship.

Cynthia thinks that the bottomline is NeNe did not want to admit she was wrong. She tells NeNe she still wants to be friends with her and continue to support each other. NeNe says she wants to move, on and she is already okay. She tells Cynthia she still loves her and hugs her tightly.

Cynthia sees the wall coming down after how many months. She is optimistic that they can be friends again. She admits that she missed NeNe. They hug for a long time while crying. They finally go home with arms linked together.

The next day, Kandi is fixing the bed when Todd calls through video chat. Todd is in New York for the show. He invites Kandi to visit New York to relax and have fun. Finally, he admits he wants to see his mother with her. Kandi wearily agrees because she has an awkward relationship with her.

NeNe shares her reconciliation with Cynthia to her husband while drinking tea. Gregg believes deep down, Cynthia and NeNe missed each other. However, NeNe is still not sure if they can be best friends again.

Cynthia is also talking with Peter at their house. Peter notices that Cynthia cannot stop smiling. Cynthia admits she thinks she and NeNe already made up. She did not expect NeNe to have a breakdown, cry and hug her. She believes NeNe was just carried away with her anger that she called Peter names. She thinks NeNe really is a good person. Peter criticizes Cynthia for being so childish and happy being friends with NeNe again. He still cannot forgive NeNe for what she did.

NeNe admits to Gregg she will still be cautious around Cynthia. She plans to see a therapist to confirm what she really feels.

Peter tells Cynthia that ever since her conflict with NeNe, he was happy. He does not want to have NeNe in their lives again.

NeNe tells Gregg that Peter obviously hates her. She hates that Cynthia tolerates him. She had read Peter’s rants about her on social media. She thinks Peter deserved to be called the B word.

Kandi and Todd go to Bronx. It is Todd’s hometown. Todd buys a cap and Toms for Kandi to blend in.

Cynthia is happy to be invited in the New York Fashion Week. Her longtime friend, Kithe Brewster, is a fashion designer and wants her to close the show. Cynthia is excited. However, Kithe wants to measure Cynthia’s hips first because he thinks her butt is as big as Kim Kardashian’s. Cynthia denies it because in Atlanta standard, she is skinny. She slowly realizes she is too curvy for New York. She becomes pressured because the modern catwalk, which is faster, is difficult for her.

Cynthia, Peter, Todd and Kandi meet in a restaurant. Cynthia eats less to prepare for the fashion show. Todd talks about his mother who is still upset about what Joyce Burruss said. Joyce called Todd’s father a pimp and mother a prostitute for several times. Peter can relate with his conflict with Cynthia’s mother. Cynthia and Kandi want to move on from the topic, but Todd insists on solving the problem. Todd admits he is hurt and thinks Kandi’s mother is disrespectful. Kandi tells him to understand her mother because she is old.

Kenya surprises Cynthia by going to New York Fashion Week without any notice. Cynthia starts the show with a sexy black dress and ends it with an elegant red dress. Kenya and Kandi go backstage to congratulate their friend.

In a restaurant, Sharon arrives and greets the couple sweetly. When Todd asked her to live in Atlanta, her mood suddenly changes. She does not want to live there because it is “stuffy,” thanks to Kandi’s mother. Kandi finds her mood swing too fast. Sharon assures Kandi she is not a prostitute and wants her to check her resume. She accuses Kandi of lying to defend her mother. Kandi tells Sharon with a straight face that she can say what she wants to say, but Joyce is still her mother.

Todd asks Sharon how to fix the problem. Sharon thinks Joyce must take back what she said. Kandi says it is hopeless. She shares that she convinced her mother to apologize but did not want to. When Sharon asked why, Kandi says her mother thinks what she said was true.

Sharon says she will punch Joyce in the mouth. Even Todd thinks her threat is too much. Kandi just let Sharon rant nonstop because she does not want to end her marriage in New York.

Will Sharon calm down from her issue with Joyce? Catch the next episode on Dec. 21, 2014.

There you have it for the recap on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 7 Episode 6 “Make-ups and Breakdowns,” which aired last Dec. 14, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on Bravo. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG). 

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