The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Recap: Star Sighting

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Recap: Star Sighting
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The most glamorous housewives of Beverly Hills are keeping themselves busy in the new episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Season 5 Episode 5 “Star Sighting,” which aired last Dec. 16, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on Bravo. In this episode, Yolanda goes home as soon as possible for her daughter, Eileen has a perfect balance between family and career, Brandi cannot help but swear, Kim’s emotions are running wild about Brooke’s wedding and Lisa invites few friends over to see her shiny star.

The Spanish dream still continues for Kyle although Yolanda is under the weather. Kyle is aware that Yolanda keeps on getting updates from David and Mohamed about Bella’s case. Yolanda cannot wait to go home, but the next flight will be on the next day.

Yolanda confides that Bella drank wine in a party at her friend’s beach house. She understands why Bella partied because it is summer and “that’s what kids do.” She says Bella decided to go to the gas station and was stopped by authorities. She knows that was the time Bella called David to pick her up. She thinks Bella is mature ever since the day she was born. “She’s an extraordinary person that made a mistake,” Yolanda cries.

Yolanda fears that her children will face the same fate as her father in a car accident. She knows her children are aware of that. She is more worried of letting Bella go. However, she thinks she is not in-charge anymore of Bella’s destiny and life. “I’m just her mom,” she says.

Eileen’s niece, Annamarie, hangs out with her aunt in the kitchen. Eileen shares that Annamarie is the daughter of her sister, Connie, who passed away. Annamarie lives for three years with them as a nanny. Eileen almost cries when she says Annamarie is the daughter she never had.

Eileen asks for Annamarie’s help to read through the lines of the script. She remembers that when she quitted acting, Vince thought it was great. However, they fought a lot because of money issues. When she decided to go back, Vince was ecstatic. “But you don’t have to!” Vince exclaimed. Still, it was obvious that Vince thought it was a great idea to let Eileen work again.

Eileen was nominated in the Emmys for “Days of Our Lives.” She was more than happy to actually win it. Annamarie carries the heavy trophy before Eileen tells her the run-through will start. Eileen memorizes the lines with Annamarie who plays as Abby. She slowly starts being dramatic. Annamarie cuts the drama by imitating the cliché soap opera sound effect during intense scenes. Eileen admits that she memorizes 40 to 80 pages of dialogue every day.

Lisa confides she is not sure if she deserves the star for the Walk of Stars at Palm Springs. However, she says fourteen people on the board unanimously voted for her, so maybe they think she deserves it. Lisa tells Ken to hurry, but he is busy carrying five of her bags. Ken is complaining that the bags are all heavy. Finally, they are on their way to Palm Springs.

Eileen takes her son, Jesse, to work. She thinks the best thing about working in a soap opera is she can bring her children. She remembers Jesse crawled for the first time in her dressing room. She was working but never missed moments with her children. She says Jesse grew up at CBS. He even played with the “Price Is Right” wheel. One time, she heard Jesse crying in the dressing room while she was on set. It made her milk come out, but she still kept on acting. “Working mother, lactating,” Eileen jokes.

Yolanda brings lunch to her husband’s office. She thanks David for being a good stepfather and being okay with Mohamed during Bella’s problem.

Vivica A. Fox, an actress and Brandi’s friend, is invited to Brandi’s podcast. Brandi does her best to make a child-friendly program to attract advertisers. However, Vivica starts speaking profanities while sharing a story. Brandi gets carried away and speaks the F word. Slowly, she becomes her normal self again.

Eileen loves her job because she is “paid to pretend.” During her dress rehearsal for “Young and the Restless,” she gets pumped up because she expects a love triangle in the future episodes.

Kim invites her ex-husband, Monty, to “Hammer and Nails,” a nail shop for guys. She reminds Monty that it is their first time to have pedicure together. She shares that she knows Monty ever since she was 19-years-old. They were married for more than two years. They got confused with the relationship that led to divorce. However, they know they still love each other. Monty has been living with Kim on and off for how many years. Kim reminds Monty for his speech at Brooke’s wedding. She confides that Monty was diagnosed with cancer. She wants to take care of him.

Lisa arrives at Bougainvillea estate in Palm Springs. She finds the weather too hot as soon as she gets out of the car. Rinna arrives shortly. She is the only invited from the housewives because Lisa does not want her “friends” to ruin the occasion. Lisa’s gay friends also arrive, and Rinna is introduced to them. Lisa jokes she is sure Rinna will be safe from them.

Kyle and her family arrive home. Kyle misses her dogs so much. She gives a Chanel dog bowl for Khloe.

Lisa invites her housekeeper, Rocío, to have dinner with them. Rocío has worked for them for how many years, and Lisa considers her as a special part of her family.

Lisa shares to everyone on the table that her son, Max, asked her if he can bring his girlfriend to Palm Springs. She strongly disagreed. Max is 22-years-old while his girlfriend is 36-years-old. Rinna can relate because Harry is 12 years older than her. Lisa tells everyone that they must not judge her son, although she becomes sarcastic when she says she learned that a child’s loyalty is always to the person sleeping with him, not to the one who raised him for 20 years. She is not close with Max’s girlfriend because their age gap is strange for her. However, she is aware that it is a “battle” she is never going to win.

The gay friends of Lisa thank her for giving them the chance to voice out their real gender and supporting them all the way. Lisa is touched and slowly cries. She changes the topic by making Rinna share something.

Rinna cannot understand Brazilian wax. Everyone on the table starts talking about it. Rinna thinks it was discovered to protect the area from bugs in the past. Lisa suddenly tells Rocío to take her plate to the kitchen. After she left, Lisa still wants to talk about vaginas. Everybody laughs.

At Verve Records, Inc., Yolanda hangs out with David and some talents. She shares that David wants to be an EGOT someday. David is hoping to get a Tony award to achieve it. He wants to show Yolanda a blues demo with Brenna. Yolanda totally loves it and says she had goosebumps.

Max kisses Lisa during her breakfast. Lisa is happy he did not bring his girlfriend. Rinna shows up beautifully and Lisa compliments her. Pandora, Lisa’s daughter, and her husband, Jason, also arrive.

Still tired from the travel, Kyle and her family prepares for Brooke’s wedding. Kyle calls Kim to clarify if what is the dress code for men. Kim tells Kyle she still cannot believe Brooke is getting married. She starts crying, and Kyle comforts her.

After the call, Monty arrives in a suit. Kim gets emotional because he still looks like the man he used to know a long time ago.

Lisa arrives at the Walk of Stars. She is touched to see her fans wear pink. She greets them and shakes hands with them. Even her dog, Giggy, is introduced. Lisa thinks Ken might feel disappointed that the dog was introduced before his name was called. However, she knows better that Ken did not notice it.

Lisa gives a speech, thanking people who came despite the hot weather. She is honored to be put next to Sonny Bono. She cries tears of joy when the shiny star is revealed.

Kyle meets Kim in Kathy Hilton’s house. Kathy approaches her sisters. The sisters walk hand-in-hand to the house. During Brooke’s wedding, Kim has a series of flashbacks that makes her cry with joy.

There you have it for the recap on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Season 5 Episode 5 “Star Sighting,” which aired last Dec. 16, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on Bravo. Catch the next episode on Dec. 23, 2014. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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