‘The Returned’ Cancelled

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘The Returned’ Cancelled

According to Deadline, the supernatural American drama TV series “The Returned” has been cancelled by A&E after one season on June 15, 2015. It premiered on the network on Mar. 9, 2015, but the series has got cancelled due to low ratings. The show was never able to draw ratings for A&E and the fact that the original and highly regarded French series “Les Revenants” has run on Sundance with subtitles.

The TV series debuted with its first season on March 9, 2015, it was produced by by Carlton Cuse as an adaptation of “Les Revenants,” which was broadcast internationally with the title “The Returned.” Although, the series cancellation hasn’t come as a surprise but the series had always been under speculation as not-being-original at all and ABC’s “Resurrection” eating up its course.

There were rumours that Netflix had an interest in backing a second season. Unfortunately, it never happened and now keeping in mind the low ratings and lower international financing to make it worth, A&E’s has called for shelving of the show.

The things that had been under question that are being left unsaid and unhandled by “The Returned” are better this way, we guess:

Helen? Who?: The show will be leaving this question unanswered. For us, she is going to remain the one who never liked actually waking up from being dead.

The Weird Scar: The weird scars caused by stabbing to Julie. What’s up with that? Julie had been left with strange scars, which were similar to those found on the bodies of women killed in an earlier case of stabbings.

The Black Goop: This calls for a plumber to handle the all the time bubbling and plaguing Caldwell restroom’s sink.

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