The Rollercoaster Journey of Creator Nahnatchka Khan in “Fresh Off the Boat”

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
The Rollercoaster Journey of Creator Nahnatchka Khan in “Fresh Off the Boat”

The success of ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat” (FOTB) was unexpected. Way before its premiere, some critics already claimed that it would just be another blunder on how Asians are portrayed on television. However, the ratings proved them wrong. Read on to know the show’s bumpy road to the top.

“FOTB” TV creator Nahnatchka Khan first wrote on the The Hollywood Reporter magazine’s May 22 issue that she got a bad call from ABC’s Paul Lee. More than two years ago, she was the creator of “Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23,” which had poor ratings. She learned that it would finally be cancelled.

For three months, Khan resorted to alcohol to compensate for the disappointment. She found it hard to believe that a project she worked on for three years suddenly disappeared on air. After encouragement from her peers and colleagues, she decided to “get back on the comedy horse.”

Seven months after “Don’t Trust the B” cancellation, Khan sold her pitch for “FOTB” to ABC with Melvin Mar and Jake Kasdan. Four months later, she learned that the network called for the pilot episode of “FOTB.” For just a month, filming for “FOTB” pilot was finished. Khan got worried when ABC was silent for weeks about the fate of “FOTB.”

Suddenly, ABC called Khan to tell her to go to New York pronto because “FOTB” pilot was finally picked. Khan admitted that the show was the last one to be picked up by the network. However, unexpectedly, “FOTB” was greatly embraced by viewers and critics until its Season 1 finale.

Lastly, Khan pointed out “the life cycle of a sitcom.” She emphasized that “the end of one thing” is “the start of another.”

There is no exact premiere date yet for “FOTB” Season 2.

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