The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation Commercial [WATCH VIDEO]

By rubina | 3 years ago
The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation Commercial [WATCH VIDEO]

A dog is man’s best friend. We have seen in videos or movies how dogs can be of great help, even saving their masters from an accident or attack..

In the video below, we are shown how a dog wakes up his master from sleep when it senses that the master is having a nightmare and is in trauma. The master is dreaming about his terrifying days during the war. Men in the army witness so many deaths of friends or colleagues and innocent women and children that they go into such a mental distress and dream about what happened.

There is an organization or foundation of dogs for such people who have gone through lot of misery and pain. The foundation avails to the dogs who have been well trained to assist people at such times. They have dogs with different specialties, such as guide dogs, assistance dogs, veteran dogs and autism guide dogs.

To know more about this commercial, watch the video below:

[jwplayer mediaid=”47269″]

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/ Ellen Levy Finch



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