The Science of Love [WATCH VIDEO]

By Sandip Pal | 3 years ago
The Science of Love [WATCH VIDEO]
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The video below gives an in-depth analysis of the science that governs love. Everything has a logical explanation and a scientific backing to it, even if it is something as abstract as emotions. Talking about emotions, love is the most predominant of emotions that govern the human race. Millions of people tried to decode love but were unsuccessful; this video successfully decodes love in scientific terms.

It states that from philosophers and historians to poets and scientists alike, love has captured our imagination and curiosity for centuries. Many have experienced the rush of falling in love for the first time or the deep feeling of love for your children, family and friends. However, love from a biological perspective is intertwined with the evolutionary survival of species. Though we often associate love with the heart, the true magic can be seen in the brain.

Get to know why you become less bothered by things when you fall in love. Get to know about the chemicals that work to make this happen. The fact of the matter is romantic love is not simply an emotion; it’s a drive from the motor of the mind. This motor brings about intense energy, focused attention and elation. This video tells the viewer the workings of one’s brain who is in love. The nerves, fluids and reactions on the human body make us feel the way we feel when we are in love.

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Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Leon Brocard

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