The Shack US Release Date: Everything To Know About The Film And Controversy

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
The Shack US Release Date: Everything To Know About The Film And Controversy
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The highly anticipated film, The Shack, is set to open this Friday on March 3 in the US. This drama film is based on the 2007 novel of the same name by William P. Young.

Directed by Stuart Hazeldine, the film follows the life of a father who faces the worst tragedy of his life. Past the tragedy, he took on a spiritual journey of love and faith in God that changes his life forever. Read to know more:

The Shack Cast And Filming

The film stars Sam Worthington as Mack Phillips, actress Octavia Spencer as Papa, Graham Greene as Male Papa, Radha Mitchell as Nan, Sumire Matsubara as Sarayu, Tim McGraw as Willie and others. In addition, their unique characters have also sparked some controversy. Meanwhile, this drama started its filming in 2015 in Canada. It will release in the US on March 3, 2017.

Exciting Trailer

Showcasing the cast of The Shack, the trailer features Phillips’ exciting journey. It was after the tragic accident shook him and his family. Throughout the clip, one can see the pensive look on Phillips’ face after he loses his daughter in a bizarre incident.

The two-minute long trailer also showcases the events that follow in his life after receiving a mysterious letter. This letter takes the protagonist to a shack where he realizes the presence of God in this life. In the movie, actress Octavia Spencer performed an emotional role where she tries to help Mack gain back his faith in life.

What happens next? Will Phillips regain his lost faith and confidence? All this and more will be revealed when the movie releases this Friday.

The Shack

Controversy Surrounding The Shack

The widely read book has been surrounded by several controversies. One of it is the depiction of God found in it. Joe Schimmel is a California pastor and filmmaker. He has expressed his criticism over way God is portrayed in the book, reports National Catholic Register.

In a response to this criticism, author William Paul Young has explained his intention behind these characters. He says that he sees them as a poetic depiction of God. Moreover, he also adds that this imagery has not been intended to depict God.

Young reveals that in the scripture there is both masculine and feminine imagery. Perhaps that is why fans can see Octavia Spencer in the role of Papa for The Shack. Watch the trailer of The Shack here:

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